Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm Not Well

Ya Allah, bangun pagi ni ada kerisauan sket. Lagi 3 hari saya nak kahwin. Yup, memang busy siapkan apa yang patut.

Sejak semalam perut saya sakit sangat. Sampai nak angkat kaki pon tak boleh. Allah saja yang tau. Saya tak boleh bangun tiba2, sangat pening sampai nak pitam.

Bukan tu je, ada bleeding. Ya Allah, dugaan apakah ini? I am going to clinic this afternoon, hope everything goes well.

Hope for the BEST, harap takdela pape yang bukan2 berlaku.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Believe It or Not...

I am still in the office. Too many reports need to be done before I go for my marriage leave. I am tired doing this!

I came to office this morning at 7.30am when no one in the office and now, I am still in the office while other collegues maybe having dinner and spending quality time with family. Believe it or not...

Haluu, anybody can help me. I have no hand to finish these all! Arghhh!!

Now, aircond has been switched off ;) Time to go back, but I still left 2 reports to prepare to my boss, this is actually my routine every end of the month. Sob sob sob.

I need to come back to office on Sunday to finish those.

Strive for excellent... I want to be businesswoman at 1 time very soon, this is what I want since I was 12. But after all, I still will persue my career with P1.

Hope everything will get better.

Quarterly Team Meet Q1

Overall, I love the meeting. This is because where GOOD news comes! Bonus, yeay =)

Just want to share that actually Packeteers are talented! Enjoy the pic during the Packeteers got talent contest.

Overall, P1 is Rock!

Saya Yang Makin Blurr

Saya bangun sangat awal pagi ni, kebiasaannya saya bangun pukul 6am mandi, pakai baju kaftan dan solat subuh, pastu baru pakai baju kerja, make up etc. So hari ni, rutin yang sama, tapi dah masuk time make up, baru dengar orang azan subuh. Ya Allah, rupanya tadi saya solat subuh belum masuk waktu! LoL.

Apa sudah jadi pada saya, makin blurr!

So, hari ini, saya solat subuh 2 kali. hehehe ;)

I'm so happy today sebab semalam after kerja dahpergi ambil baju nikah dan baju resepsi. So balik rumah... Dah cuba2 dan syok sendiri =)

Takpela, bukan ada orang nampak pon.

Accessories & Lovely Veil

Ada beberapa orang kawan saya yang PM saya kat FB untuk tanya mana saya tempah wedding dress saya...

Berikut jawapan dari saya:-

-Saya bukan tempah just sewa
-Higly recommend this boutique, Rins Suzana in Ulu Kelang
-Basic info about this boutique

Tel : 03-4147 1980
Email :

Admin 1 : Rudie Iswadie
Admin 2 : Suzana Abdullah

Waktu Urusniaga :
10pagi - 6.30 petang
kecuali CUTI AM

-Wedding dress yang sangat cantik
-Harga: range: RM300 to RM2000
-Saya punya dress, since I am the first person yang book, that dress named as "Seila", so check out 'my dress" if you are there soon =)
-Service is fantastic, all staff are very friendly.

P/S: My last day working before getting married, need to be like a ferrari today to finish my task. I start to feel nervous (^-^)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hate This Critical Time

I woke up this morning and think what is the day today, I took my handphone and checked on the calendar, owh it is Wednesday! Ouch...

This Friday is my last working day before my marriage leave. So many things to do in office, and not talking about my wedding preparation.

Yesterday meeting was awesome. Not the talk but the food (^_^), good job Le Meridien. I ate so much like no day for tomorrow. LoL.

Sekitar Le Meridian, actually I nak snap my own pic but nampak macam jakun plak! hehe.

Today, I need to settle all pending tasks ( I need to do OT but I also have other final things to settle at home), preparing what to have for my team meeting tomorrow, what to assign to my staff during my absence. Really hate this, seriously! So tiring!

Tomorrow morning, I will attend to QTM (Quarterly Team Meeting) at Bangunan Peladang, Old Klang Road until 2.30pm. Then, continue working before my own unit meeting at 4.30pm. Time is so critical but to get things done and manageable, I need to be smart enough.

I am full on Thursday! The more I hate the meeting, the more I need to conduct and attend meeting. Sh**.

Papepon, inilah kerja saya kat rumah after work, cantik tak I punye wedding tag? Paperbag tu actually for door gift=)

Close Up sket...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Meeting at Le Meridian Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Thanks KPKK for inviting me for this meeting.

To be honest, I tak suka pergi meeting! huk huk huk...

Tapi kalo pergi hotel macam ni, meeting selalu pon Aiman tak kisah. Boleh makan jamuan yang best2 =)

If sempat bergambar, nanti saya akan upload kan.

Next agenda: Meeting with my photographer tomorrow after working hours to finalize once and for all!

Monday, January 24, 2011

First Wedding Gift

I always want to appreciate every moment and items that I receive.

Yesterday, I went to one of my uncle in Kajang to give special invitation for my wedding.

Since my uncle and aunty might be working during CNY, they won't be able to attend my wedding ;(

But somehow, need to consider coz sometimes we need to foresee other people commitment as well.

In return, they are first to give me the wedding gift, thanks a lot! Highly appreciated.

All are exclusively from Tupperware. Worth it! Lifetime warranty (^_^)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Surprise Dinner

Lolx... Erm, kalo refer schedule saya kat post saya before this on 2 Jan 2011, saya plan tuk suprise dinner malam ni since today is my off day.

Tapi maybe "my husband-to-be "did not notice the tight schedule, haha!

Nah tuk u tgk lagi sekali, ape yang u dah miss out!

So, tonight, he said he is going for futsal. Meeting friends etc, and for sure sampai 1-2 pagi. Wah, my heart is breaking ;( Sabar jela...

I tau u akan baca post i later, so I want u to know, I'm hurt =(

But it's okay, enjoy ur time with friends, as I always promise, I will not distract any of your interest even after married :D

I tak mau merajuk ngan u, okay!

Whenever u read my blog, I want u to listen to this, the whole nite tonite, I am listening to this tuk pujuk hati i...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

14 Days More To Go (^_^)

Dah lama rasenya entry i tak berkisar pasal my wedding preparation.

Actually sebab I penat nak fikir.

So far, Alhamdulillah, dah banyak benda yang settle.

I dah tempah semua keperluan except hand bouquet. Blur sket bila fikir bab bunga ni. Feb, bunga naik harga! Lagipun, dah sangat dekat dengan majlis, duit dah banyak guna untuk benda lain. So, budget i sangat kurang ;(

Saya mengharapkan ada keajaiban yang akan berlaku. I am in dilemma nak guna artificial flower/fresh flower. Bila fikir, pelamin fresh flower, takkan my hand bouquet nak guna artificial, weird do! So no answer at this moment.

Flower girl dah ada, emcee nominated, pengapit pon dah volunteer =) Alhamdullilah...

Macam mana saya gubah hantaran saya , begitulah juga dengan hand bouquet.

Saya nak buat sendiri. hehehe.

Lain-lain yang dah settle:

1) Pelamin
2) Dewan+ Catering
3) Door gift
4) Banner+Bunting
5) Wedding Dress (collection date: 29 Jan)
6) Shoes
7) Hantaran
8) Rosette
9) Make Up


Saja senaraikan yang dah settle so that kepala saya tk berserabut. Hehe.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Khurafat-Perjanjian Syaitan

I reach office as early 7.28am today, no one in the office. I woke up at 5.30am, depart from my house to office at 6.30am just to avoid the traffic. But still take almost an hour to reach office. (My house-office actually only 10 mins by car distance). Too bad ;(

Still okay, since I can have ample time to prepare myself before start working ^_^

Back to the topic, last night my fiance and I went to watch "Khurafat". To be frank, I tak suka citer2 hantu dan yang sewaktu dengannya. Hahaha.

Tapi dah diajak, I pergi aje. Seram jugak cite ni, but...

I only watched the movie half way and went back. This is my first time watching movie half way bukan sebab takut sangat tapi I feel unease and I don't want something bad happen while counting my days.

I wish I could stay but maybe soon I will continue watch the movie at home ;p

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Unease Feeling

I hate this feeling ;(

Feel so unease today!

Maybe coz I am thinking about my preparation too much.

To be honest, I never feel this way before.

Ya Allah, please help me.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Owh Handphone!

Sakit hati sangat dengan phone ni, meragam sejak dari masuk air itu hari.

Saya akan receive SMS tapi delay, call kadang dapat, kadang tak dapat, banyak tak dapat dari dapat =(

Baiki? Kene tinggal phone kat kedai untuk diperiksa dulu, then takde phone la nak pakai. Hmmmmphhh...

Tujuan saya tulis post ni, kalo ade sape2 duk fikir2, ape nak kasi untuk wedding saya, kasila phone ye. Hehehe ^_^

Yang cikai2 pon jadilah, janji phone, boleh receive call and SMS.

Tapi kalau nak kasi BB or Iphone lagi bagus. Huk huk huk@_@

The Secret-Law of Attraction

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away!

I crazily want this book!

Something that I have learnt from this book,

Once you change your thoughts the awareness appears!

e.g: If you always tell yourself, you have no money/not enough money, then your financial will be really BAD.

so, change your mind, and be positive, think positive and things will come positively.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change ^_^

Friday, January 14, 2011


Lagi 20 hari je...

Yesterday, benda yang paling saya takut, tapi still berlaku, my fiance jatuh motor, alhamdulillah tak teruk sangat sebab takde patah2, if not, memang bersanding pakai tongkat, but then still banyak luka2.

Pity u dear, get well soon! I love u...

Tersangat panic semalam bila tengok my fiance datang office dengan seluar and baju koyak ;(

Ini antara dugaan Allah, so kita mesti kuat and bersabar.

Semalam., actually I really want to celebrate my 2nd year anniversary working with P1. Adalah I fikir nak ajak my fiance keluar makan2, hmmm, tapela, kita celebrate next time la, papepon, alhamdulillah, saya dah berjaya bertahan di P1 untuk tahun kedua. Semua ni Allah dah tetapkan dan inilah rezeki saya. I am happy so far ;)

Next event: fitting wedding dress (tomorrow), jual motor (no dateline)...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I am back but still away ;)

I'm back to office today after 2 days leave, everything settle, alhamdulillah.

But still away from my desk for 2 days training, "Business Writing Skill".

Brush up my skills in writing, perhaps I can gain more knowledge and learn more! Kick start 2011 with learnings ^_^

Friday, January 7, 2011

Ulser and Moto

Hmmm, tatau nak put title ape untuk entry ni. hehe. Tapi dua bende ni yang saya nak btau today.

Ulser kat mulut saya belum pulih and now dah makin membesar. So pain! Ubat yang doc kasi, ntah berapa kali satu hari saya letak, even pedihnya Allah saje yang tau. Ada yang suggest letak garam, so semalam saya dengan tabah hati, cuba even sampai menangis kesakitan. Bangun pagi ni, ouch...become worst ;( sob sob sob. Nak cakap pon dah susah!!!

Ya Allah, ampunkanlah dosa2 ku, aku tau ini semua ujian dari Mu.

Saya cuba nak gemukkan badan sikit before wedding day, tapi sebab ulser, jadi sebaliknya =(

Pity u Seila! Today, after work, I akan terus pergi clinic. saya naik motor datang keje, hehe, owh bukan saya tunggang, saya xde lesen moto, tapi membonceng, cam sweet je. Semalam saya masuk office lewat sebab jamm, maklumlah kanak2 dah mula bersekolah ;p

Today pon, jamm yang amat, tapi disebabkan naik moto, saya sampai 1 jam 15 minit lebih awal (7.45am). yes yes yes! Kat office blom ade org, except makcik cleaner. Air cond pon blom switch on. Cayalah!

Ada pro and con bila naik moto:

1) boleh elak tersekat kat traffic jamm yang ntah pape
2) sampai kat office pon awal (good record)
3)Jimat duit, no need to pay for toll and fuel yang harga makin melambung!
4) tp kalo ujan, mak aii...
5) beberapa kali aku menjerit, bila sampai kat jalan bengkang-bengkok tu, rasa cam tade kaki. huhu ;p

Papepon, saya happy je. Azam tahun 2011 ni, no MC even ulser ku ini affect my work productivity, rase sakit sampai ke kepala! Nak datang awal so boleh buat byk preparation tuk staff on daily basis! Go Seila Go ^_^ Vroom vroom vroom...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Coz u're amazing!

Love this song! Will play it during my wedding reception.

For someone very special, my soulmate...

Just The Way You Are lyrics

When Think of U, I don't Feel so Alone ^_^

To my husband-to-be:

Life is like a book… Everyday has a new page with adventure to tell, things to learn & tales to remember…
It’s time to plan our efforts and realize new dreams…
It’s time to rediscover the strength and faith that’s deep within us.
It’s a beginning of new challenge, new plans and new change.

Counting the days!
Hope we can go thru every hard & happy moment together. I love u!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2010 Performance Evaluation

Waaa, tomorrow is the day for my performance evaluation.

Please wish me luck! To get bonus and increment.

Will prepare myself with justification. Perhaps my boss notice my contribution to the team and company.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What a Pain!

Am I so stress? No no no..

Hari ni saya sakit mulut sebab ulser kat tepi bibir ni. Banyak plak rumours, ade yang cakap sebab stress boleh jadi ulser mulut, ade plak cakap sebab badan panas xcukup air. hmmm.

Whateva it is, actually saya tergigit bibir waktu makan 2-3 hari lepas, then today jadi ulser. Sangat sakit. huk huk huk. Ada plak saya dengar rumour ckp kalo tergigit bibir waktu makan, sebab ada orang mengumpat kite. Iyela tu. Macam2 la tafsiran dan tanggapan org. Papepon, I hope this will recover soon, nak bercakap pon susah.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Jan 2011 & My Hectic Schedule. Hehehe

Saya rasa semua orang yang nak kawen pon akan busy cam saya. So saya redha jela, time is running so fast!

Saya sgt berharap semuanya akan berjalan lancar.

Ya Allah, semoga Kau merahmati & memberkati semua usaha saya ini. Amin...