Friday, February 15, 2013

2013 & About...

Finally, I'm here after such a long break from writing. I promise myself  not to be lazy blogger. I will try to find time to always put notes here.

Imagine I had no diary after such a long time, how should I recall all the memories later?! Huh!

Feb is so special for me, we had celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary. Yeay! We made it for 2 years and many many years more to come :) another 2 more days, I will be another year older. You know what I requested from Solah for my birthday gift? It is iphone!

Since ipad doesn't seems to be mobile enough for me and Sophie will keep begging me if she see me with my ipad, so how I can resist not to give her. (Insert her cute face here :>)

Update for Sophie, she's able to walk now, eat a lot & almost everything. Yes everything except the spicy one. She's the iggest fan of Honey Stars.

Sometimes, I wonder when she will lost some weight. Haha! But I'm so grateful that she's so healthy.

Mor to come for 2013. May Allah grant me with good health & happy journey this year.