Friday, May 18, 2012

6 Months!

Wow! Time must've taken the jet coz it flew really fast!

My daughter is a half year old, where in the world has the time gone?  I am absolutely loving every second I get with her - she is so much fun!!

This photo taken few hours after I gave birth. It seems just like yesterday when I suffered to welcome Sofea to the world :P

Ever since Sofea was born, she has always been an awesome baby. She seldoms crying. I'm so glad having this cool baby.

She can even sleep with poopoo in her diaper! This is why I called her "My Sleeping Beauty".

What did we get Sofea for her half year birthday, you ask? 
Well, check it out ;-)

We got Sofea, her own VIP seat. It suit perfectly for her meal time.

Hey, Sofea can taste new flavour rather than only her milk :P She loves it too.

Happy 1/2 Year Birthday, Sofea! Mommy loves you to bits! 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Sofea, You Are So Precious!

Dear Sofea,

I am inspired to write a mail for you today :P

This is special entry just for you my dear, Sofea.

Mommy is not the typical mom who would wake up very early in the morning to prepare breakfast for our family.
But mommy is more than that. I'm a working-mom-kind-of-mother who works 8 hours a day, then comes home and faces the household chores. But I'm cool. Am I?

With few quality time that we spent together, mommy can't describe how mommy love you. Its countless & endless.


As a mother, mommy was touched by watching a video which and where "a mother" can abuse her own daughter.

I was speechless watching the video myself :( This shouldn't happen in a civilized country like Malaysia. I'm so disappointed.

Mommy purposely do not want to pose the video here, worry mommy will cry non-stop because of this. But, these photos will do for you to read someday when you grow.


Mommy won't do anything to HURT you, but mommy will do anything the BEST for you. Even mommy would DIE for you. Trust me, I would! Coz U deserve it!

To see you smile when you wake up everyday, during our playtime, mommy is the most happiest person in the world. Yes, you are so cute, my heart melt because of you.

My Dear,

You know what mommy replied to Daddy's Email yesterday after he sent me an email of 1 romantic song? This was my reply and I mean it. Specially just for both of you ;-)

Mother's Day is just around the corner, mommy miss Tok Ma so much, coz she's the only mother who can sacrifice everything to her daughter. She is my teacher, my mentor and my one & only coach who teaching me what really matters in this world. And now daddy comes to the pictures.

Whatever I am today,  whatever I archieved today, I owe her. She has taught me well.

What close to mommy's heart was when I started to grow up and became conscious of my physical "form", Tok Ma would always highlight what she thinks is good about me. I mean, she would always comment on how good I carry myself and the way I quickly warm up with people. 

Tok Ma has always been fair with mommy, likewise, telling mommy what and where to improve on.

The wisdom that Tok Ma shared with mommy is simply priceless. These are the very things that I, in turn, will share with you, Sofea :D

How I wish, someday, when mommy have a lot of saving, we can perform Hajj together with her. InsyaAllah someday yea.

I can only thank God for now, I would not have been brought out into this world and enjoy the life I now enjoy.

Someday when you grow up, I hope you can understand how much mommy & daddy devoted to you. And at that time, mommy really hope that we can celebrate A Special Mother's Day which all sponsored by you :)

For now, mommy will ensure you will keep the right values close to your heart always, and get rid of the things that destroy both the body, mind and spirit.

I am grateful for every minute that I have spent with you. I realized that while I watched you play and grow, my BEST YEARS SLIPPED AWAY. It is out of pure love and selflessness and sacrifice. I love you Sofea. You are the best. You will always be.

Lots of Love,

Thursday, May 10, 2012

One of Those Days!

It's simple things like this that makes me smile and just makes my day :)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Superb Chocolate Cake with Cream Cheese!

I love this!

Owh, I'm not the one who bake the cake. Ngee~

It was introduced by my officemate. Fresh from Oven Merah.

Chocolate cake, with cream cheese &choc ganache topping plus fresh strawberries. The taste is just nice :)

Thanks Aween ;-)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Our Special Weekend with Abg Faez :)

Hi :)

Mommy seems so busy with our new house. Until she can't update anything here. Taking chance to share our last weekend with my handsome cousin, Abang Faez. Thanks Aunty Ann & Uncle Jay for coming. Long journey from Terengganu.

Sofea miss Tok Ma who couldn't join us.

Here are some photos during our outing...Me, for sure sleep. Ngantuklah :P 

No no no, actually I gave chance for mommy & aunties chit chat & have fun.

Eh, look mommy always love that Fareeda tudung! Same colour everytime we go out. LoL.

Again, see! We both got our own transport. Abg Faez drove a car!

And this is my first time sitting on the walker. My new transport now at home. Mommy bought me one in blue colour.

I'm a big girl now :P

It was truly a great pleasure meeting them.
Can't wait for next outing with my other gorgeous aunties who will visit us next Friday.

Perhaps one of these days I would have the opportunity to belanja all of them makan-makan! When I grow up ok, Aunties. Hehehe.

With Love,