Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Very First Time Leaving Sofea :(

I'm quite busy lately...

Next, I'll be attending a Broadband Development Seminar for Bio-ICT Pahang 2012 this Friday. This event is invited by SKMM.

The event will be held at Zenith Hotel, Kuantan. Since it is quite far from KL, I need to stay overnight there. I'll be leaving by 4pm tomorrow. With this, I'll away from Sofea for a night. 

All accommodation already arranged by my company, I got no excuse not to attend as well. This is what we call work commitment.

Dear Sofea,

Mommy will miss u a lot. Take care. Daddy will be with u all night long. Mmmmwahhxoxo!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Sofea @ Tok Ma's House (^_^)

Seems like everyone miss me here!

I'm become so famous with all my pretty aunties around me! My chubbiness is one of the factor I think.

I am so pleased to see my cousin, Abg Faez :) He has grown so fast just like me even we only not seeing each other for 1 month++.

Mommy & daddy are going to attend their friends wedding today, so I've a good chance to manja2 with Tok Ma and aunties today ;-)

I'm so HAPPY just like this!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Little Girl Captured...

Sofea is growing so fast and we have started trying new things with her.
It’s fun seeing her do something new! How about roll over on her 3 months old?

She’s been sitting in the car seat for a while but is getting so much better at sitting like a big girl!

And these are just picture I love!
I love her profile and her sweet little pose! 

She fell asleep while sucking her fist.
Such a precious little girl!!!!

Love the look on Sofea's face. She's always generous with her smile & laugh :) 

Sofea, we are enjoying watching you grow and learn new things!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Weekend Family Outing :)

I guess Sofea has stayed home way too much last week plus I had my off day on my birthday. Although it's nice to spend so much quality time together, Sofea needed to see the world and I needed a change of environment. So I brought Sofea out over the weekend.

First stop, IKEA. You know, this was where I spent a lot of my time. Searching around to get the right things to decorate Sofea's nursery. Sofea, once you are older, you and I can go shopping together, OK :)

Hunting for this cute light for quite sometime, but there were out of stock before. Lucky, I got these last weekend!

Next stop, IPC. I was so impressed with this colourful magnetic numbers! So, I bought it for Sofea even I knew there is a long way to go for Sofea to learn it =)
Because of this magnetic numbers, I am now searching for a small whiteboard for Sofea's room so that we can stick the numbers on it. Any idea??

While we had our lunch, Sofea was very obedient in her stroller and just sitting still...looking around the surrounding.

Before we went back home, Sofea had poo-poo. So, that was my first time entering the IKEA changing room. So comfortable and I love it.

Thanks Sofea for bringing mommy there :) I know you like it too. In fact, it seemed like you really enjoyed our family outing. We'll do it again soon, ok?

Always Back to Islam!

10 Surah dapat Menghalang daripada 10 ujian Besar Allah

1- Surah Al-Fatihah dapat memadam kemurkaan Allah SWT.
2- Surah Yasin dapat menghilangkan rasa dahaga atau kehausan pada hari Kiamat.
3- Surah Dukhan dapat membantu kita ketika menghadapi ujian Allah SWT pada hari kiamat.
4- Surah Al-Waqiah dapat melindungi kita daripada ditimpa kesusahan atau fakir.
5- Surah Al-Mulk dapat meringankan azab di dalam kubur.
6- Surah Al-Kauthar dapat merelaikan segala perbalahan.
7- Surah Al-Kafirun dapat menghalang kita daripada menjadi kafir ketika menghadapi kematian.
8- Surah Al-Ikhlas dapat melindungi kita daripada menjadi golongan munafiq.
9- Surah Al-Falq dapat menghapuskan perasaan hasad dengki.
10- Surah An-Nas dapat melindungi kita daripada ditimpa penyakit was-was.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Another Year Old Mommy!

My Dear Sofea,

Mommy is another year old last Friday! Mommy took off day to celebrate with U! AND you're just 3 months!

Usually daddy would bring mommy out for a nice birthday dinner but this year is a bit different. Mommy request to be with you comfortably at home and not going anywhere :)

So, how do you think we should spend our day?

We brought you for another round of immunisation! You were so good this time as no crying. Tak sakit eh? Or U gave chance to mommy's big day? Hehe.

Your current weight is 6.5kg, with 59cm in height.

After went back home, we could just hang out and play before I put you to sleep. You laugh (more like a chuckle) and very responsive too. Which is why we love to spend time entertaining you, little Sofea.

Despite all of that, I am loving every minute I get to spend with you little beauty, and I never thought I'd be so blessed.

Who needs a party when we have you ?


Friday, February 17, 2012

Show and Tell Friday-DIY Letters for Name

I made my letters for Sofea!
This letters actually one of my many DIY crafts for Sofea's little room :)

Here is a close up of the letters.

Here we start...

What I need to complete my letters.

To make my circles, I found a bowl from my kitchen that was the size circle I wanted and found a big piece of cardboard. I traced the bowl with a pencil.

Then, cut it out with a box cutter. 

Then I covered my cardboard circles in pieces of old torn book pages. Vintage look-a-like.

I love to tuck the pages around the backs of the circles as well so you can not even tell it is cardboard underneath!

After that, I freescale the letters using a pencil that I've prepared which was what I pictured in my head.

Next I mixed some black watercolour and painted my letters.

I am just giddy about how all this turned out! One last glance :D

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Our CUTEST Story Teller!

Mommy guess you might want to tell something. Dear Sofea, you're TOO cute to do your story telling  :)

Valentine's Spring Roll :P

I name it as such coz I did this the night before Valentine's Day. Hehehe.

Just a simple recipe to finish up the Serunding :)

So easy! Steps a follows:

Things to prepare
-Spring Rolls Pastry (thawed if frozen)

First, to make it small, cut the wrapper into 4.

Second, put up some serunding and fold the left and right sides of wrapper over filling. Roll to the other end.
TIPS: Secure the roll by dipping a dot of egg and wetting the end, "pasting" it shut.

Lastly, here u Go! Done! Ready to Fry.

My hubby like it so much! Repeat order eh. Hihihi.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Juicy Manjakani!

Eventhough, there are so many Manjakani Products in the market nowadays, I still prepare on my own.

I hope with this entry, I can highlight all your concerns yea, Dear Readers! Even I've post it before, HERE:)

Usually, I can prepare up to 1.5 litre of manjakani juice with ingredients as follows.

1) Manjakani (20-30 seeds)-You can get from Indian Spices Store OR Jusco/Giant
2) Rock Sugar
3) Plain Water
4) Halwa Kundur/Dates (optional tu use)

This is how we start!

First, BOIL the water in a pot.

Then, add 20-30 seeds of manjakani (cleaned) into the boil water. Rock sugar can be added 1 by 1 until you get your preferable taste.

You can add the Halwa Kundur or Dates if you want!

Lastly, close the lid and let them boil for 30 mins to 1 hours with low heat.

This is it! You can have it hot or cold by keeping it in your refrigerator. 

Twice a day is enough to keep you feel so wonderful!

::Notes- Let the manjakani residual in the juice so that it will be more effective to work out::

Good Luck :D


This is my Day-2, wake up at 3am just to finish my work task. This few days, I've been busy with some new reporting to design a scorecard to all my staff.

I only sleep for good 3-4 hours. I only manage to go back home from office at 9pm. What a hectic! I can't complaint either. This is what we called, commitment.

Perhaps, this is the last day for preparing this :)

To Daddy & Sofea,

Thanks for being so understanding!
Sorry for not having my good quality time with both of U these few days.
Hope mommy can catch it up so soon...
Love both of U so much :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Secret From Within :)

 Ever since Sofea came into the picture, my blog has been all about that cute little. Well, let's just divert the attention back to me, shall we? :D

Valentine's Special!
OK, I just started to update on my current skin status. Do my skin look healthy this way?

Instead of only taking my manjakani juice (wait for my next post on end-to-end step of preparing this), I have started another supplement for skin.

Have you ever heard about Ag-Factor
YES, I'm proud to say, I'm falling in love with this product. Effectively, improved my skin tone and look so flawless!

I take 2 capsules before bedtime and my skin improved tremendously! Even more fairer and I can feel young at my late 20's :P

I wish I had a before picture of my look but I didn't have any! Just because I didn't knew the importance of before pictures to show you how this product helps me!

Alhamdulillah :)

More info, please visit their Ag-Factor Website.

Be Beautiful & Stay Young Peeps!