Friday, July 20, 2012

Show and Tell Friday: Things that Inspire Me :)

I don't stop when I'm tired, I stop when I done!

And for fashion, most likely it doesn't have a fullstop (^_*)

The Ramadhan is upon us, so let's talk about our Baju Raya! Hehehe ;-)

I chose to have 1 pair of kurung & 1 exclusive dress this year officially. But still with my tailor. Collection date will be 1st Aug.

I heart MixModa design. So, my Baju Raya design was inspired by them with some details upgraded and of course the colour, we have our own colour this year. Surprise!

My raya theme for this coming raya is LACE...How about you all, readers?

Sofea will have her first kurung as well ;-)

For tudung, I will opt for FAREEDA definitely. And this will add on for my 32 collections as of today (~_~)

Here's some tips on the website to choose your attire if you're about to have readymade Baju Raya:

1) Ayu Dress, RM199 ONLY by

2) Modern Kurung, RM250 by GetGorgeous

3) JM Aviraya Collection, RM280-RM380 by Jovian Mandagie

4) MiNaz Eid'12 Collezione by

5) For more exclusive design, we can opt for Lynda Rahim.

OR if you would like to have more WOW & exclusive, check these out!
Zery Zamry
Hazwani Osman
Hatta Dolmat
Rizman Ruzaini

Happy Ramadhan everyone! Hope this Ramadhan brings us more barakah & happiness. 

Happy Fasting Month :)

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