Thursday, September 27, 2012

Kids e World!

It was hard to see Sofea smiles during her fever. So, she owe us the pretty-pretty smiles. 

Last weekend, we spent some time for shopping at IKEA & as we went to IPC Shopping Centre, I found out this Kids e World at 2nd floor. 

My first target was to bring Sofea to KidZania but it is too early for her to be there. Later okay, Sophie! Promise :)

She really enjoyed & had fun! Hooray! The smiles tell me everything :)

One thing about Sofea, people really attracted by her. See, she easily getting friends! And you know what, her friend's name is Sofea too! Hahahaha. Sound famous ;-)

And this is mommy & daddy been super excited!

Sophie, zaman mommy & daddy, takde benda-benda macam ni tau. 

It's amazing how this little girl can give me a lot of strength. Mommy loves Sophie!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

10 Months!

I might not be around here so often due to my tight schedule. Occupied with workloads & manage to spend few hours with Sofea at home before she's off to doze. Pity busy mommy :(

Recently, I spent 12 hours in the office and only manage to be at home by 10pm. When I reached home, Sofea already fall asleep. Who said life is easy? But it is worth living for, right? Sometimes, I still feel lucky compared to the oncall doctors who need to spend 24 hours in the hospital. Think positive sometimes baby ;-)

Sofea reached 10 months last week! See, mommy delay to update on this as well!

It has been a super hectic week last week as Sofea was down with fever. This is the third time Sofea had fever. I was in the office on Friday when I received SMS from Sofea's babysitter. "Please call me back". Mommy dah fikir bukan-bukan. Dah call, apply half day EL & terus balik!

Over the weekend, she was not as active as she is. Baring je...

Then, we did some shopping on Sunday cause I think maybe Sofea need more nutritious food. Alasan mommy je tu :)

Yeay! Finally, Sofea dah ada toothbrush jugak! She don't have any teeth yet. But I want to train her early, tommee tippee did a very good job, complete set of toothbrush for baby to toddler.

And on Monday, Sofea detected to have rubeola! Mommy panic! Sambung cuti to take care of Sofea until Tuesday. Then bila masuk office, kerja tinggi gunung!

You know what Sofea loves the most during her fever?

Tido buai...

And...tido tertonggek kat katil mommy. Ngeee~

Alhamdulillah, she recovered pretty fast & eat a lot! Mommy masak okay =) Comot pon comot lah, janji Sofea sihat.

So far, mommy dah expert to handle Sofea during her fever. Keep sponging & monitor the temperature. Hey, mommy is not only a chef now, but a doctor too ;-)

Extraordinary Me!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Baby Thingy: Beaba Food Storage

If you're a new mommy or mommy-to-be, please don't be like me! I think I am too late to have this when Sofea will turn 10 months in another few days. Sorry Sofea.

We went to Bebehaus in Bangsar Village (nearby ToysRus) last weekend & I found this! Which I think this is my need to store Sofea solid food and not need me to cook everyday :) Yeay!

It is Beaba product called multi-portions food storage made from silicon & it is BPA free. There are few colours available but I'd love to have the plum colour. Mommy like :)

It is so easy to store the food in the freezer & we will only reheat 1 portion during Sofea meal time. I can also provide this to Sofea's babysitter so that I can ensure Sofea will still enjoying the nutritious food & most importantly cooked by mommy. Not her "second" mommy ;-) Mommy jealous okay!

If you ever wonder, since this product made by silicon, we can easily "picit" to push the frozen puree :) Easy kan? So practical. Apa lagi, belilah awal-awal mommies. Hihihi.

See, Sofea is a happy baby after her meal time!

P/S: There are few more products on food storage, but Sofea's daddy tak berkenan :(

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Baby Thingy: Diapers

As a new mommy, I tried many diapers for Sofea, such as Huggies, Drypers & most recently, Mamy Poko.

It is the fit pant diapers!

Why I chose Mamy Poko Easy Fit Pants recently just because I'm so exhausted to keep myself sweating chasing for Sofea everytime after bathing her.

The absorption is good & keep Sofea's skin not even once having nappy rashes. Sofea is wearing L size ok!
We need to have 4 packs in a month. It cost us about RM100 only. Not so bad la, kan...

This is the ONLY reason-fast & easy wear. I will change again to Huggies once Sofea can understand enough how to pity her mommy.

Sofea, cepat besar okay, mommy nak save duit. Hehehe :)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Baby Thingy: Baby Bites!

Happy Sunday!

Ooops, the topic might be misunderstood by some people. Hehe.

No, Sofea not yet to have any gigi. Hehehe. So, mommy still safe.

This is refer to Sofea new favourite baby biscuits. I bought it from Speedmart.

It is Heinz product called "Biscotti". There are 2 flavours, Chocolate & Apple. This is what I found in the Speedmart, they might have other flavours as well.

Have it a try for your baby. It has a gently crunch which softens in little mouths. So, it's safe for baby who don't have any gigi like Sofea.

Usually, I will give Sofea the biscotti followed by Heinz juice. Tasty!

Here's Sofea enjoying her biscotti!

I'm glad Sofea enjoy all the food provided to her. Chubby girl!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sofea Fav Spot!

Sofea is now become very ACTIVE baby, every part of my house is cleared from any small deco! Not even a book :) Hahaha.

Here's Sofea favourite spot in d house!

She loves to see outside :) You know why? There are a big playground just in front of our house. Sofea might have a dream to play there I think.

She loves to touch the TV, sometimes screaming to the TV also. So, emo! Hehehe.

 And this is why daddy is forced to hang the TV on the wall so soon...

Friday, September 7, 2012

Baby Thingy-Bottle Brush

Ever since Sofea is around, the maintainance cost tremendously high...Hehehe. Joke!

But for new mommy, I would like to share this Bottle brush product with you all, it can save the teats from tear apart particularly on the hole part. Mine, since I used AVENT bottle, the cost of the teat is quite high compared to other brand, so to maintain it, the brush is important. AVENT bottle brush only have for bottle not for the teats :(

Here U go! The brush which meet most of my requirement...Daddy bought this Anakku Bottle Brush for only RM30.

Do you notice the small blue teat brush? I will say NO NO to that brush, it is not friendly. I have experienced 5 teats tear apart since I used it. Oh, duit :(

Here's Sofea after enjoying her milk & trying daddy kopiah. Hahaha!

Another brand which caught my attention is Tommee Tippee, but so far I can't find any at most of the baby stores nearby here.

P/S: So mommies, if you have any other recommended brand, please share with me. I really need help. I thank you in advance for sharing.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mommy is Cooking :)

I enjoy mommyhood but as this is my first time, I'm quite blur on how to prepare a good nutritious food for Sofea. What if I cook, then Sofea sakit perut & got diarrhea? Huh, tough!

So, recently I found out something interesting from my i-pad. At least, I make use of it kan? Hehe. I bought this application from Annabel Karmel-Annabel's Essential Guide To Feeding Your Baby & Toddler! Very useful to guide mommies to cook for your baby. It has simple recipe but very nutritious.

Nowadays Sofea is quite choosy on her food. Nak makan makanan macam adult. Hahaha. With Annabel, I think Sofea will become a happy baby. Thanks I-pad, thanks Annabel. Wink!

Last weekend, I cook spaghetti for her. She loves it!

Here is Sofea my drama queen! Making faces while having her spagetthi.

I am glad that Sofea is growing up at a very fast pace.