Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Review My Tudung Collection

Hello "Gadis Bunga", this is specially dedicated for u :)

I am a fan of Ariani. So far, I have so many tudung from Ariani. Regardless how expensive it is, if I find the tudung really can make me go crazy, usually I will grab it!

Thanks to Puan Farah Haryani Muhammad Philip, owner/founder for Ariani. I think she becomes inspiration to many people. So do I :)
(For more info about her, you can click here OR here)

Even sometimes, I heart to try on new fashion style like others do... hubby found out that the style not really suitable for me, DO I?

AND, my face will look differently when I put awning tudung on:

SO, almost all of my collection are awning tudung! So far so good, easy to manage also :)
Some of my awning collection

Most of my BIG event, i.e.: Engagement, Solemnization and Reception, I was wearing my own tudung collection. I bought the plain ones and then visit nearby shop which provide service iron on diamante to customise to my needs. I usually chose to have crystals swarovski {it will cost u RM0.50 per diamond}.

Let's start to review my tudung for engagement; I did not customise anything, as simple as this:
 I was wearing Ariani Chiffon Tiara Beaded-outer {RM299} and Tiara Panel Awning Velvet in white-inner {RM69}.

During both my solemnization & reception, I did customise the plain tudung by adding some crystals swarovski. The shop just nearby Ariani Jalan TAR. So convenient, bought the tudung and went straight to the shop =)
[Note, I only bought plain tudung without any bead from Ariani, since the same tudung with bead will cost me at least RM380]
My solemnization tudung only cost me RM84, Ariani Tiara Plain, RM69 + Crystal Swarovski, RM15

Tudung for my reception cost me at only RM110, Tiara Panel Two-Tone RM95+ Crystal Swarovski, RM15

Usually, at any special occasion, I love to wear my Ariani Chiffon Tiara Beaded. As of now, I have 4 colours, pink, red, yellow and green.

Here you go!
Seldom put on this green colour as I got no Kurung in Green :-)

I am getting older now, so I heart to wear those collection; printed & shawl, perhaps my hubby approve me to buy these soon =)
Sweet right?

P/S: Alternatively, you can refer the Ariani Collection HERE.


  1. salam sis :)
    waa..special utk sy? thanks sgt2...ariani mmg cantek kan tudung die, harge pon cantek jgk..hehe. tapi kaen die best ! sy baru ade 3 koleksi ariani..huhu. kalau sis cube tgk kt butik ratu pon okeh jgk .. cantik2 :)

  2. Wah. Like'em very much.. The tudungs, i mean. Hee.. Thanx for sharing