Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Our Weekend @ SACC Mall, Shah Alam

Hi Everyone!

We had awesome weekend! One place on our agenda was SACC Mall. It was mainly because there was an interesting event going on at the concourse just for ladies. Hehe. The FAREEDA 2012 Model Search event to be exact!

They had the winner already. Congrats to all the contestants. I just went there to support them :)

But wait! This will be my next FAREEDA Model...LoL

Friday, March 23, 2012

Rewards & Recognition Session 22 Mar 2012

We had our R & R session yesterday. This session will be held on quarterly basis. This time, we had announced the top performer for Quarter 4, 2011.

Congrats to all the winners yea! U deserve it :)

We started with short speech by our 2 BIG bosses.
Our Group Chief Executive Officer


Then, the rewards session started. As one of my staff has been nominated to receive this award, I need to prepare a short speech.
By now, I realize that I still not able to become a CEO, notice a text in my hand? LoL

And, no one than the other, my staff Norazha :) Congrats babe!

We also had a small birthday celebration for March Babies right after the event ended.
Pastel Cute Cupcakes. So CUTE.

Me with the cupcakes :)

I was eating until not sure when this photo was captured. I love the butter prawn.

Last, as usual for girls-is photo session. Hehe.

Thanks Azza & Shikin for sahring the photo. I was so unlucky, when I noticed my camera ran out of battery.
More nicer photo in C.I.K.I.N.T.O blog.

Happy Weekend! I can't wait for this weekend to come :D

Quote of The Day

Happy Friday :)

Never breaks 4 things in our life: TRUST, RELATION, PROMISE & HEART...
Because when they break, they don't make noise but pains a lot.

Appreciate what you've today!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Satay Willy @ Ramal Food Junction

Thanks Daddy for the treat! Next will be mommy's turn :P

Sedap satay kat sini. But compare with Klang punye satay [my previous post], this is the second :) Because it is nearer to our house, so why not we have a try.
 Solah ordered this for only TWO of us. LoL

Kat sini boleh dapat makanan lain jugak sebab ada banyak food court & its your choice. E.g.: Nasi Ayam, Sup Utara, Nasi Lemak Panas, etc.

Kat sini sangat happening, even on weekdays. Meja kerusi sangat banyak tapi fully occupied. Hehe. And ada tempat permainan kanak-kanak sekali. Good for family.

At first, kene entertain this little girl. Sofea was not so comfortable with the loud music there.

Later on, while both of us tried hard to finish all the satay, Sofea was so calm in the stroller. Thanks dear!

We went back after 2 hours of struggling finishing the Satay. LoL :D Sofea was so sleepy by the time we reached home.

No worries Sofea, we surely come back for you to enjoy the Satay next time yea =)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Breastmilk Storage

Apa yang paling membanggakan seorang ibu? 

For me, if I can breastfeed my little baby exclusively, I'm more than a fabulous mommy ever. Tapi, during Sofea with her babysitter, I can't help much on that :)

Anyway, all other time, when Sofea is around with me, I want to fully bf her. See how chubby she is nowadays!

This is some of my effort, bought cooler bag & storage bottle and bring it everytime to office :D

Mula-mula dulu, my breastmilk sangat sikit. Every pump session, average boleh dapat around 3 Oz. Feel dissapointed sometime.

Tapi I worked out with something to increase my milk production. Both info, I got from my colleague in office.

Beli this drink a lot and store in the fridge, longan is good for milk booster.

Then, dried longan.
Longan kering direbus; anggaran satu cawan kecil dengan beberapa cawan air ( 3 -4 cawan air) dan biar sampai longan kembang. Minum air rebusan longan.

Alhamdulillah, its work for me :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Product Review: AVENT

Hi Readers!

Today rasa nak share on Avent product. So far, I'm Avent user particularly for Sofea.

Memang berbaloi even price quite expensive. Tapi, we choose for quality kan? Plus, banyak jugak kebaikan guna Avent ni. Mostly sebab dia anti-colic (kembung perut) yang selalu dialami oleh baby.

Sebagai ibu untuk first baby, memang blur sangat bila nak beli barang baby pada mulanya :) Solah at first bought Avent starter set for Sofea when he was in Guangzhou. At first, I thought no need to buy it as we have bought more than enough bottle.

Actually kami beli banyak botol susu yang ada kat pasaran which end up, kami simpan dalam kabinet kat dapur :( As never used items.

Silapnya maybe lepas tak ajar Sofea depend 100% on breastfeed directly, tapi bagi botol. Sofea at first kenal puting Avent, so sangat susah untuk dia terima bila bagi guna botol lain. Hmmm, not a good sign. Hehe. So, now she get used to it :)

Luckily, Sofea was showered with many gifts including Avent bottle & Avent warmer bag.

And recently, Solah bought me with new Avent breastpump. Solah dah hadiahkan satu Anakku breastpump sebelum ni. Tapi, again memang quality is different and how it works make me amaze on how I can get more milk.

Yang pasti, lebih hygiene bila guna pump ni, sebab dah disediakan front cover pump tu yang boleh guna as stand jugak.

Owh, one more thing, Avent did provide breastfeeding guide book ni, useful for me definitely! Thanks Philips :P

With this new pump, my milk production increased. See what I got for 20 minutes of pumping session.

Sofea, you should be more happier with this improvement.

I still not yet finish with this breastmilk...

Later on, in another post, I will show you on what & how to get more milk :) Especially for working mommies!

Stay tune :D

Monday, March 19, 2012

Our Weekend @ Sunway Pyramid

I spent the whole day on Saturday at home, doing laundry, cleaning, cooking etc. It was so pleasant as Sofea slept until 12.30pm. Hehe.

On Sunday morning, as Sofea still on her sweet dream, I assigned Solah to finish up Sofea's room. Some drilling needed. Men task!

Me, busy cooking "Bubur Pulut Hitam" on my first try. Check this out :)

After finish my thing & Daddy almost done with his drilling, Sofea still sleeping like a sleeping beauty ;-) Eh, the sound of drilling didn't affect her. Hahaha.

So, by noon, I had a good time with Sofea & Solah to Sunway Pyramid. Sofea's 3rd time hangout to Sunway. I wanted to find something to decorate Sofea's room.

So, we first went to Daiso. Hey! I love Daiso. All items at only RM5. Hahaha.

Hurm, I'm what you would call a "creative person". I love anything and everything that awakens my right brain. I'm addicted to decorations! So, this was what I bought :)

Few times, I took turn with Solah to carry Sofea. She seems bored waiting in the stroller as I took few hours in Daiso to get my right things. Pity Sofea. Hehe.

Then, we went to Popular Book Store. Sofea enjoyed her BIG & COLOURFUL story book.

Sofea was so happy with our weekend outing!

After few hours spending our time at Sunway, we went back home...Sofea look tired...

 Hey Sofea, hope you enjoy our weekend outing :)