Sunday, March 27, 2011

DIY-Paper Roses for Table Setting

I found this from Shajaratul Design. Original idea by Martha Stewart.

This is one of the DIY that I fully recommend for your table setting; especially Guest Book Table for your wedding.

I did it during my wedding day for Guest Book Table Setting but mine was really colourful :D

P/S: Use a bit of glue or double-stick tape to keep the flower from unrolling and loosening up :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

2011 So Far...

This is quarterly review...

2011 is such an eventful year for me even just towards the end of March. So here's 2011 in a glance..

1. I began so busy preparing my Wedding starting January ;) And get married on 4 February 2011 !

2. Celebrated my birthday for the first time with my Solah as a wife :D

3. My hardship paid off with 2010 bonus on February 2011 as well! With my KPI rating, I got really unbelievable bonus.
 Thank you Allah.
4. Early March 2011, the biggest of the biggest of the biggest news...


5. Today, I received another fortunate/lucky/amazing/good etc new, INCREMENT =)
People say, after you get married, you will receive more, YES I DO :D

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kisah Manjakani Ku

Ok, ini cerita ada lawak sket. So funny! I am writing this entry while smiling coz laughing is not allowed in office. LoL.

Ceritera ini berlaku semalam...

Ok, before ni I ade kongsi pasal manjakani untuk awet muda tu kat sini.

Then, lepas dah tau pasal my pregnancy ni, so I STOP everything; jamu, manjakani, and other medication. So, ada baki manjakani tu, dalam setengah jug lagi kat dalam peti ais. Ye ye ye, memang saya ada niat nak buang, tapi belum ada mase. Since so many things happen within this week.

Then, since my parents datang tido kat umah untuk visit my sis yang admitted, jeng jeng jeng...

My mum bangun tengah malam and dah tersalah minum air manjakani tu!!! Difikirnya milo ais kot. Ampun ibuku!

Ayat dia, "Pahit nak mampus!"

Ampun ampun ampun beribu ampun. Saya memang tak berniat nak memberi tipu daya pada sesape pon, adoyai!

Saya rasa sangat bersalah :( Tapi saya tetap nak ketawa...

All Day Long

Had a very early start yesterday. I woke up at 5am, my stomach meragam! So worry if something not good happened to my baby.
My hubby and I went to clinic (Government Clinic). After we spent the rest of the morning, yea you know how they all work. So messy, no system at all. The reason I went to government to see their service, if okay then later I can proceed my maternity check up there but I will NEVER. The doc can even ask me, "Do you have any high blood pressure or low blood pressure?" , I asked the doc twice, as I am confused with her question.

Yes, she asked me with the same question.

Pissed off! I really wanted to say, "Are u really a doc or now I am become a doc?"

But, I managed to control my emotion, in a really nice tone and full of manner, I said, "How I know, that is why I am here".

She did nothing then,  but gave me the prescription. Owh, I HATE THEM. Sorry, I just being honest here!

So, at the end, I also didn't know why I got such a pain yesterday morning :(

Then, I rushed to office, as usual, continue WORKING.

Sharp 6pm, I went to Hospital Tunku Ampuan Rahimah Klang visit my sis.

We had dinner Ladyfinger Restaurant then. Unique coz ade tempat duduk bamboo tu, hihihi. Variety of food as they have few stalls to choose!

Abaikan ape yang sedang cik hubby saya buat tu =)

Buku Menu ni perlu improvement, kasi LAWA sket bleh?

We reached home at 10.30pm after the dinner. So TIRED.

I wore heels (as an attempt to look elegant) so you can just imagine what they do to my feet after walking all day long. I hate to admit this but sometimes we girls sacrifice comfort for style..haha! Plus, I am preggy mummy now, so sensitive :)

P1 Annual Dinner

Yeah, dinner time!

But sangat blur nak pakai baju canne tuk tema tu. EVOLUTION...

So, for April, I will have 2 dinner, Evolution Theme Vs Arabic Theme. Aiyo!

Kebetulan my hubby ada snap photo Royale Chulan ni tuk I yesterday. I tak pernah sampai sana ye. Hehe. Solah cakap hotel ni sangat cantik. OKla, insyaAllah, satu hari nanti nak gi tido kat sana.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wedding Again =)

Dulu before kawen, I suka attend wedding sebab nak tengok tema kawen orang then curik idea deco2 yang menarik.

Tapi sekarang, lebih excited nak attend wedding, tak tau kenapa. Maybe sebab boleh tengok kawan2 lain plak merasa jadi raja sehari =) Boleh jumpe few old friends jugak bila ade event macam ni.

Just attended my hubby's ex-schoolmate last Sunday, he is now a doctor. Dr Farid Fikri & Nur Natalia Wedding.
Day: Sunday
Date: 20 Mar 2011
Time: 8pm
Venue: Kampung Pengantin, KL
Actually, they won a Peraduan Gerbang Cinta Mega-Utusan Malaysia Season 2. So lucky!

Jom makan!

Groom's Parent on the stage :)

Suka dengar this guy nyanyi lagu, "Kerna Engkau Isteri", betol ke tajuk dia camtu. hik hik...

Performance by Aizat (Aizat is groom's uncle)

Inter-prame lebey nie! hehe.

Sign the guestbook and again my "p.e.a.c.e" (^_^)

See what I got for door gift!

Haruslah ada penaja ni...

You can read more about their wedding last Sunday at Utusan Malaysia Online.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Dengue Fever

My sis is currently admitted to Hospital Ampuan Rahimah Klang due to dengue fever. I am on half day AL today to visit her. Please pray for her! She admitted last nite at 12am. My parents are on their way to Klang all the way from Terengganu.

But government is always act their style, the doc took 1 hour and half, just asking a bunch of question, while patient was sitting in front of her in the ward. Hey doc! if you're so intelligent to become a doctor, why don't you let the patient lying on the bed first, then only you can ask your stupid question. So pissed off last night!

Since I am preggy mummy, I was so dizzy when I saw blood etc in the hospital! Hmmm... Ya Allah, please give me some strength.

P/S: Kak La, get well so soon. Be strong okay! We all love u :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Peace No War

"Peace NO War, Takdop Pitih Gadai Seluor". LOL...

Ni pantun, my sis, Si Norwimie yang reka!

Not sure why, tapi I suke sangat pose serupa ini bila ambik gambar, pelik2. Mau tuka!


Bosan !

Sorry, saya sangat bosan! Saya di opis today, keje sudah beres, so saya gatal2 tangan tukar sket ape yang patut kat blog saya ni =)
Cute la kalo muka cam ni time bosan!
Click2 folder photos kat lappy ni, terjumpe gambar ni, me time chubby dulu. hehe. Excited jumpe Yuna kat OU :)
Saje letak gambar ni, sebab saya akan menjadi "belon" tak lama lagi, hihihi.

Friday, March 18, 2011

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