Friday, August 16, 2013

elkem is welcome :)

Sofea is growing so fast. This is our conversation recently.

I was busy washing the dishes & Solah was away working on one fine Saturday. Sofea was busy playing with her toys.

And...mommy need help...

Mommy: Sofea, help mommy to get your milk bottle, mommy want to wash it
Sofea: *Walked to the living room & get me the bottle
Mommy: Thank you {smile, proud mommy}
Sofea: Elkem {walk away from kitchen to her playroom without see my face}
Mommy: *Melted-run to get my phone & SMS to Solah. Hahaha!* Oh My!!! Feel like to kiss her 1000times. Hahaha

It was so amazing! I never teached her this, to be honest, must be from her school. I'm very proud of her.

She also able to say, "Ai'kum" which means Assalamualaikum when we first reaching home every evening.

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