Thursday, June 3, 2010

Suprise Gift from My Adorable Fiance

I love suprises!

After working hours, he fetch me up from office. He bought me bunch of chocolates, I LOVE CHOCO! hehe.

Thanks dear. I declare u as "Mr Full of Suprises". LOL ;p

At night, we went to 1 new restaurant nearby, Kota Damansara still... For dinner. Ooops, i can't remember the name of that restaurant, Kelantanese...

Now I realize, I love writing not about cookbooks but my experience with food!

Another menu to share:-

At this restaurant, I admire the "nasi bubur berlauk", so TASTY, even still eager to eat nasi bubur berlauk from Amira Seafood at Nilai. Huahua =)

"Nasi bubur", "Kangkung Ikan Masin" plus Fried Cuttlefish, Price, RM11.00, yummy.

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