Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Raya Preparation

Alhamdulillah, semuanya dah settle tuk raya tahun ni. Hmm Ramadan dah pon nak pulang :(

At my most satisfaction is about kuih raya. Gambling and went to Klang, the place i never went for before.

Looking and asking around for Makcik Yati's place. But if you really have heart, Allah will help. Coz i believe in that, in just 20 minutes, I finally find Makcik Yati's shop. Then i start to realize, her shop is actually cafeteria. Far away from my expectation ;p

Very calm and clean. Dari jauh dah boleh bau kuih raya. U can see they bake the kuih raya live with your naked eyes! One of the most tasty kuih raya!

I bought all 7 types of cookies for my mum!

Now, I open up new business to help makcik in selling her cookies, perhaps all my friends in FB will like my advertisement.

Most important thing, I know how to analyse TRUE FRIEND as well.

For baju raya, i got 3 baju kurung this year plus 1 stunnig blouse from Elizabeth Boutique, One Utama, just bought it yesterday. Hunting Ariani for tudung tomorrow! my last and for all raya shopping this year ;p

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