Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Confinement Completed (",)

Yeay, mommy just completed my 40 days confinement journey!

So, mommy can now having my normal meals. No more 'sup sayur' and 'ikan panggang' prepared by Tok Ma.

You will have no idea how mommy and daddy went through the journey to welcome you to the world :)
From KL to Tok Ma's house- with all your good things and need.

You should thank Aunty Yaya and Daddy 1 day =)

And now, you're here with us and you're on your 40th day old!

It has been the most amazing month! And it's all because of you, Sofea.

You've made mommy and daddy so happy even when you do nothing but blink and stare at us. When you flash us that beautiful smile, it's infectious.

When you go "ooo ooo'', we reply with a "ooo ooo" too. Hehe!

You've given us so much joy and you are so adorable. Mommy and daddy are looking forward for more joyful moments with you, my dear.


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