Sunday, December 11, 2011


I'm a mom!
It's so surreal...

I'm still trying to digest this life-changing experience.
I'm still enjoying my confinement. Another 17 days to go! Hehe.
Dear Sofea Amani,
Mommy knows 1 day, when U grow up, U will read this. So, here mommy wants to share something with U on how mommy and daddy were anxiously waiting for U to arrive! We're finally gonna meet you!
Mommy start to feel pain but still tolerable at 2 am on 17 Nov 2011 with a little bleeding. Daddy was the first person to know, since mommy was on phone with him. He was in KL and mommy was staying with Tok Ma waiting for U to arrive.
Daddy immediately drove to Terengganu. While mommy busy preparing things to hospital. Lucky Aunty Ann and Uncle Jay were here, they sent mommy to hospital. The journey to hospital usually will took us almost 2 hours, but Uncle Jay only took 1 hour to reach there. See, everyone loves u. Hehe.
Mommy didn't feel much at first. So, mommy went to registration counter and so, the nice nurse asked mommy a few questions then doctor checked and said mommy dilated 2cm! At this time, mommy thought you were coming out soon. But doctor said u'll be out the next morning maybe. So, nurse sent mommy to ward first.
So, the whole day on 17 Nov, mommy started to feel the pain periodically. Daddy arrived to hospital close to 8am. He look after mommy since arrived.
Close to 8pm, pain was more intense and came around 2-3 min apart, mommy could'nt sleep the whole night.

By midnight, mommy couldn't stand it anymore because there was a long way to go. Mommy cried few times, luckily daddy and Tok Ma were there. 
You know baby girl, mommy haven't been able to sleep well for so many nights because mommy was anxiously waiting for you.
Around 11am on 18 Nov, doctor said you're ready to come out. Yay!! So, mommy was brought in to the labour room.
When mommy was dilated 6cm, the water that you've been swimming in broke! The pain become more terrible, so to help mommy sleep and save energy to push you out, mommy asked the doctor to put the pain away by giving mommy an epidural.
Mommy slept until mommy was dilated 10cm. Mommy tried pushing you out with daddy besides me and after 30 minutes, Exactly 1.12pm, 18 Nov (Friday) - you were born! A healthy baby girl, weight 2.94kg.
Daddy whispered to mommy, it's Sofea!
Mommy couldn't believe after months of seeing your movements through my belly, you are now on my chest as the nurses clean you up. And when you let out that wonderful first cry, mommy couldn't help but cry along with you. 
Officially, mommy and daddy want to welcome to our world my dear little girl. U're so adorable. 
The next morning, on 19 Nov, we both can discharge and went back home ;)


  1. cute baby Sofea. Alhamdulillah, your dream came true. :')

  2. Salam.

    OMG Seila, i tak tau la i tertinggal kat mana and i kept thinking about you and baby sbb mcm dah lama x dengar berita.

    Congrats again! Sofea sangat2 comel macam mummy & daddy dia.

    Wishing you & solah a prosperous life ahead & happy parenting :)