Sunday, April 29, 2012

We Are Finally Moving!

Anyway, changes are keeping me busy this week.

I need to pack all things before moving to new house. Yeah, we are finally decide to move! 

Alhamdulillah, to bigger & landed house. Considering Sofea who is growing day by day and need space to play around :)

With this boring activity, I realized that we have so much junk! We packed it all into boxes.

Oh, and someone please tell me where I should store those few boxes of junk that just sit around while you’re unpacking because you just don’t know where to put the items that are inside.

Ugggh.  I know you know what I’m talking about. ;)

BUT, I think unpacking is worse than packing or moving. So, let's packing :P

Before I left my old cottage, unwanted incident happened to me! It was so bad when I fell down while carrying Sofea downstairs last Thursday. Lucky, Sofea was safe. I suffered from backache & my head was swollen.

Sofea crying her heart out. I think she was shocked by the sound on how my head hit the floor. Pity Mommy :(

After a day I can see some bruises on my back and its spread. 

It seems to change colour on a daily basis as it heals. Currently there's a bit of red and yellow on top of the blue-black.

I called this stairs as "horror stairs"!


  1. mcm mana leh kena kepala ni..sian akak,luckily sofea tak pape..hehe
    btw, sy baru "khatam" blog! hehe especially tgk sofea, cute amat sangat. wish dpt anak camtu. hehe
    blog sy still malu2 kucing, nanti dh public sy invite akak eh...take care n enjoy ur new home!

  2. Taman LTAT, Bukit Jalil isn't? sy survey KKIA area Taman LTAT ni, trjumpa blog u..thanks for the info. kene refer kat Kuchai..
    *nice blog n full with info..:)