Thursday, May 3, 2012

Our Special Weekend with Abg Faez :)

Hi :)

Mommy seems so busy with our new house. Until she can't update anything here. Taking chance to share our last weekend with my handsome cousin, Abang Faez. Thanks Aunty Ann & Uncle Jay for coming. Long journey from Terengganu.

Sofea miss Tok Ma who couldn't join us.

Here are some photos during our outing...Me, for sure sleep. Ngantuklah :P 

No no no, actually I gave chance for mommy & aunties chit chat & have fun.

Eh, look mommy always love that Fareeda tudung! Same colour everytime we go out. LoL.

Again, see! We both got our own transport. Abg Faez drove a car!

And this is my first time sitting on the walker. My new transport now at home. Mommy bought me one in blue colour.

I'm a big girl now :P

It was truly a great pleasure meeting them.
Can't wait for next outing with my other gorgeous aunties who will visit us next Friday.

Perhaps one of these days I would have the opportunity to belanja all of them makan-makan! When I grow up ok, Aunties. Hehehe.

With Love,


  1. sofea bam bam... ait dear, pindah da eh? fizzy tanya bila mau jumpa ni ;-)

    1. Alhamdulillah, dah pindah. Umah still kelam kabut. Dah abes kemas nti, nak jemput Az & Fizzy dtglah, boleh makan2. Tapi beli punyela, ok. Hihi.