Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Half Year of 2012

Life has been hectic, but that does not stop me from spending time with loved ones. It comes to the end of June! Pheww...

I have a lot of resolutions really! This include last year's which I haven't managed to score :P

This is my half year 2012 so far...

Well, if I am about to list it all, my day will finish speedy fast if I do. LoL.

So, I just narrow down it to first FIVE...

1) SAVE more MONEY
  • I spent a lot for shopping; sometimes for unnecessary things :(
  • My dream is to have enough saving, so that I can afford myself to send Sofea to study overseas without any loan, BUT scholarship allowed :) What a HUGE dream.
  • Lucky, I have some now!
2) ZERO Debts
  • Not to say I have so many debts BUT I want to settle all debts, till then I can manage my salary to my own good.
  • I want to cancel all my credit cards. I do not want to own any credit cards, should I?
  • Worry if I post this here, people will start aiming me. LoL!
  • I have a good feeling on collecting bar gold as long term investment.
  • I got ONE as for now, "sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit".
4) Family Planning
  • YES, I am but not much effort has been done. This is important to achieve my THREE above target.
5) GIVE more :)
  • To less fortunate people out there. 
  • I did some,alhamdulillah. Keep going!
The first THREE, like every other passed year's resolutions. Hahaha.

I have learned a lot & I had no regrets even I fell hard. Lucky I got back up and I believe I stand taller nowadays supported by my love.

A lot of things had happened, but it all happened for a reason :) I wish I will be stronger all the way towards the end of the year.

Hey, WAIT...

I'm preparing to celebrate Sofea's 1st birthday! Hahaha. So early rite? Yes, it is in progress! November will come definitely. Will prepare the invitations when the right time comes :D

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