Sunday, June 24, 2012

Writing Up!

I love writing!

I miss writing in here as well. So many things to write but I don't have the time as for now. I notice recently, I only posted plain story. Sorry.

Yes! I am a dreamer, but honestly, I have a plan, after my retirement, how I wish I can become one of journalist or novel writer :P

This blog is the space for me to record my memories and experience and share my daily life. Despite my working life, this is the real me as a mum & wife :)

When I have knowledge about something, doesn’t matter how small it is, I really like to share it with people. I want to be a person who can contribute something to the world. That inspires me to keep on writing.

Wherever I go, I will make sure I have my point-and-shoot camera to document notable moments.

Thanks for reading!

I apologize for the crappy post. Just felt like writing :)
I'm lefthanded.

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