Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ramadhan Quick Updates

I was quite busy in the office & fully occupied at home. So, I left out my blog with no updates even I miss to drop by :)

I'm gonna take long break for Hari Raya soon, 1 week je. Hehehe.

To be honest, my first half for Ramadhan, I was quite motherly person, more homey (being cozy) & only cook myself for Iftar. I'm glad I manage my time very well. Alhamdulillah.

My great archievement was when I tried my FIRST time to cook Rendang, requested by my hubby. It turned out perfectly, he even requested for more. Tunggu raya lah. Ngeee~

Its so simple to prepare this, I should share the recipe soon!
When reached second half of Ramadhan, we receives a lot of invitations for Iftar buffet. Praise to Allah. Dapatlah peluang cuba makanan hotel-hotel ni secara PERCUMA ;-)

-Royale Lake Club: The food for me just nice. 3 star. If bayar, RM50++ per adult.
-The Royale Chulan: Hubby joined, food sedap :)
-Equatorial Hotel, Bangi.
-Tropicana Golf & Country Resort: Food superb! But parking area is not friendly users. Far from the buffet hall & only stair case available. Kami bawa stroller, angkut sajela...Cost RM53++ per adult.
-Cyberview Resorts & Spa: Tuesday (today)
-Can't get the hotel name, somewhere in Subang: Wednesday (tomorrow)

So, towards the end of Ramadhan, no need to think about any recipes :)

We have completed our Raya shopping as well last weekends & now half way completing to get the things packed before balik kampung this Friday.

Nothing beats my feeling of coming home for raya!

I am more interested on wearing our Boria baju raya this year!

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