Friday, October 19, 2012

Another New Chapter...

Alhamdulillah. I think Solah & I are at that part of our lives, sorting out our future to make it more comfortable life. Trust me, I'm learning every single day to become a better person. I need more saving as Sofea is growing, we need to accommodate insurance, her college funds and what not. It is everything!

Because in fact, like it or not, money is important. Love is awesome & dandy, but it won't pay a gazillion bills which being addressed to you.

We had good talk about what our family future is like. Recall what a bittersweet moment. Gulp!

Then, when we started to realise certain things, we decided to have new chapter in life. Yes, of course, with God want it to be.

First, we're looking for new job. Not to say, current salary is not enough to feed us, but as an ambitious person, I love to see things beyond. It's time to move on.

Alhamdulillah, both of us got the new job with BETTER PAY of course! 

Bye bye P1. I don't know should I feel sad or happy. 

Second, we will be MOVING to our little sweet cottage soon. And this time it will be permanent there! U got what I mean :)

Third, as Sofea will become a toddler so soon (Yes it is in 1 month time!), we decided to send her to SCHOOL. Yeay! They're not only taking care of Sofea but they offer brain development program which I think it is good for Sofea. Hey, they got grooming as well!

The best part is, we were looking into new furniture for our new house. So, it's shopping :P Then, I realized, oh man, it's hard to choose one coz there have plenty!

But Sofea chose one for us ;-) Thanks Sophie!


  1. congrats kak cla for the new, that sofa looks sooo damn comfy and expensive..almost like my dream sofa hehe

    1. Thanks Is! Sofa tu mmg mahal. Tunggu approval "big boss", baru dpt beli. hehehe.