Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Hey! Time flies really fast. Tomorrow is another new year to welcome. Alhamdulillah :)

Since we are moving to our new house, my deco mood is ON and this is why I keep the SILENT mode ON to my blog. I'm more to interior design. Owh, please!

I think Solah is so annoyed with my trillion ideas. Hahaha.

Trust me, we just done with the curtain as this is my priority-PRIVACY.

More to come which is now waiting in my wishlist.

Below are some of the photos which I hope my new house will be. Hehe. Berangan!

I frequently mention to Solah, "Tak exactly sama pon takpe, at least looks a bit similar" Hahaha.

As you enter my house, I want to amaze my guest with adorable mirror with stunning console table.

Solah did set correct expectation as he want our living room to be black, white & grey. Hurm. So far, we are meeting the mission ;-)

But I add on to his idea, "Ikut research I (Chewah, mcm hebat sgt!), kene tambah cushion colourful, baru naik seri". Hahaha.

I show him this photo, tapi tapi tapi...Solah jeling je kat I...Hukhukhuk...

White kitchen cabinet!

In my dreams (for not sure how many years), to have this laundry room! Half way done :)

And...for now, I only manage to have this kind of "colour-coded" arrangement which perfectly hung in our new look wardrobe :)

Few days back, I did some survey on the furniture. I do not know why, but I love to have this! Seriously!

Off topic, Sofea will turn 1 in 4 days time. Her birthday party will be delayed to another to-be-confirmed date due to few reasons. BUT of course, we will celebrate with a small one first.

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