Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Today is my husband birthday :) Means it is a very special day for him.

To my dearest husband:

-Thank you for being a good husband
-Thank you for rocking your jobs as a dad
-You are needed & appreciated
-You're amazingly incredible as husband & dad

Dear Readers,
My husband will be having his interview for Maritime Malaysia Enforcement Agency tomorrow, please pray at your best, I really hope he will make it just as he did for his physical test the other day. Yea, I never share about this before, but he is 1 of the best among the 9 candidates who passed all the physical test OVER 97 candidates. Yes, he is really a superhero.

If he can pass this interview, he will be ongoing training for 13 months & will be away from us. But I really hope he will be succeed.

Imagine, he will be wearing the white formal uniform to work instead of wearing the safety boots & white safety helmet that he used to wear for almost 6 years.

May Allah bless my husband with healthy, happiness & joy today and always. We love U so much!



  1. Heyyy tak bersawang rupanya... Az yg tak masuk sini.. Hahahahaa..

    Anyway how the interview? Actually kan, Az pun suka tengok org pakai uniform. Dulu berangan kawen bawah pedang. Rupanya kawen bawah camera. Jodoh. Hihihi

    1. Kan... Hensemkan tgk pakai uniform tu. Hehe. Alhamdulillah, interview went well, tgkla kalo ade rezeki adela. Bersawang, pastu bersihkan, pastu bersawang balik, begitula blog ini. Lol. Kawen bawah camera pon ok Az, byk gambar, kenangan tu !