Monday, July 8, 2013

Why Blogging Is Getting Harder-Playroom Updates!

It seems to me like blogging has gotten harder and harder these days. I used to have a good 2 hours a day to do design work and blog and now I'm lucky if I get 1. To be honest, there is just no feasible way I can get it all done.

I also feel like blogging takes a much bigger time commitment than it used to. I remember a couple of years ago I would spend an average of 1 hour on a post. Sigh!

I am drowning in stress right now. Hehe...

So, here I share, a very quick updates on my routine last weekend, since Ramadhan is just 2 days apart, I spring cleaning whole house! Yes for one month good. Haha.

Here, I want to share with you, current playroom for Sophie, she loves to play a lot, even during afternoon nap, she can skip the nap time just for playing. So, we decided to move her playroom downstairs, yes we have one upstairs before. Mommy tak larat turun naik, so here is the playroom-my nook staircase area.
I chose to bring own some of the toys since we have plenty. Fainted!

Sophie nowadays fall in love with this dollhouse. Photo taken at 1am, YES 1am, she still playing with the dolls.

A lot to explore I guess, even my first time assemble the things, I was excited to join her as well. Haha.

She also really obsessed with cats nowadays, so I bought the fake cat for her, if hidup punya, nanti bole mati, she gomol.

 So, here about it! During playtime, here is the look, not really messy, but to get all in order, I need more storage, planning to buy TROFAST from IKEA to store all the toys downstairs.

Magnetic alphabets still upstairs since its plenty! Long way to go to teach Sophie all this alphabets.

Upstairs will remain unchanged but we reduce the toys a bit and here's the look :)

I am so grateful to each and every person who takes time out of their day to read my blog. Hopefully some exciting things are to come!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Best nyaaaaaa.... Nak jadi baby balik rasanya tengok permainan skrg kan... :-)

    You know what! I can make 1 long story for my entry in 15 mins.. Tak tau nak kategori kan i gila ke apa tapi bila dah start menaip dan bercerita dia macam tak boleh stop... hik hik hik

    1. Wah, lajula blh 15 minutes, I ni prbolem kot, taip sekejap benti, nti continue blk. haha. Tu yg lambat. Kalo diberi peluang, i pon nk jadi baby. Haha, yg main lebih skg pon mommy. Ngee~

  2. Cantiknya bilik Pea..Seila sangat creative ok!Sumber inspirasi i..hik hik..

    1. Sebenarnya taktau dh nk susun macam mana, so main buat aje, bilik tu nampak cantik nk ambik gambar je, kalo tak, hahaha. Tau2 ajela bersepah!