Sunday, May 9, 2010

Summary of the week, ngehh...

7 May 2010 (Friday)

Whole day today just for CRM UAT. UAT ni testing environment for new system. Prepare defect tracker, testing the system, give suggestion. I hate UAT, but i got no choice. Compulsary to attend! They said gonna launch in another 2 weeks. Wow, so fast compared to any new system before!

For me, this system have it own strength and weakness. Not so friendly user compared to current system, but have more details in reporting system. Ease my task=) Now, for new company, so much excel report will sound nonsense but this is what i've gone thru since Jan 2009. A year plus alredi. kikiki.

My Defect Tracker ~security permission~

8 May 2010 (Saturday)

I'm working today. hehe. "Manager on Duty 08/05/2010. I will b here till 6pm". Tu la email yg kene send pd all fellow bile kene keje weekend. Haha.

Keje tertangguh semalam, aku nak siapkan today.
Waiver - 77 cases, tidy up my workstation, fill up OT claim then update local authorities portal. Routine2.

My workstation yg semakin messy.. xtahan tgk. Nampak pd zahirnya kemas tp ecely disebalik calendar n files tue, berterabur.

Ubat-ubatan n sampah sarap dlm drawer. haha.

My table under maintenance ;p

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