Saturday, May 22, 2010

Movie: Letters to Juliet

Last nite, we spend time together to watch this movie. What is the difference? I treat my "Romeo" for movie for d first time ever. LOL. Wondering wat the stories all about?

Buying a ticket to “Letters to Juliet” warrants the acceptance that this movie is a “chick flick” .With that in mind, it is easier to enjoy the predictable pattern of another sunny, romantic comedy.

Romance and love are at the very center of this movie. Its very setting is the iconic, Shakespearean love city of Verona, Italy (my dream country for my honeymoon); bathed in constant sun with intimate streets, gardens, vineyards and romantics.

To be honest, I love this movie! so much!

It shows much of Italy, which is quite beautiful. The scenery displayed in the film gives it that romantic, fairly-tale quality which supports the themes of love and romance. There is wine, there are beautiful hills, there is the romantic language that is Italian. By utilizing the setting, “Letters to Juliet” sets up everything for a successful love story.

Everything done in the film was done to promote an idea of everlasting, beautiful, completely attainable love. Love, according to “Letters to Juliet” is a feeling that defines belonging, sought after by women. It is a romantic, constant, sensual, pleasing notion that comes equipped with faithfulness, loyalty, undivided attention and desire. Women, in essence, should be at the center of men’s lives. Women need men, search for them, and men wait for that woman to commit to.


P/S: Dear, I hope u really know why I chose this movie for us ;p

RM18 for 2 tix...

Im falling in love with the narration! Wink ! Bling! Bling!

Can't wait for 30th May 2010. Hard Rock KL. hehe.

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  1. For sure I know, my love. hehe. (using ur ID to comment, ok je kan?).