Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wan Farewell Party-T.G.I Friday Sunway Pyramid

She is 1 of my staff in P1 and my BFF, often share our problem and feelings. Nice knowing u Wan. Hope to see u soon.

Thanks to all my colleague who join the party!

Wan place her order :D

Wan's husband a.k.a Martin, hehe =)

Rina's heavy dinner, who claim on diet. LOL




Sorry lah all photo are not good, forgot to bring my camera!

Present for Wan. Friendship will never end ;p

Love u Wan.

Last email dedicated to all staff from Wan:

"Thank you for all of you.
To be frank, sometimes I feel bored to worked here. Due to our business is dealing with a customer and internal staff itself, makes a headache. But later I realize that this place is actually gives a lots of special memories, with a special environments, together with special task handlings (multi tasking jobs that actually gives a hundreds of knowledge), and the most important things is to be here with you guys. I do love u all, and will always miss you.
Nothing more I can say, but I really enjoy to be one of this family.
Irene, thanks for your support and being a good supervisor. And also a friend.
Seila, thanks for being one of my beautiful friend. You’re still young, but I am admire you.
Tama, thanks for being my lovely friend and my neighbor..hehe..sometimes we share and ketawa each other.
Rina, thanks for being my true friend and and we can ‘kaccik’..i will always remember your voice..”ha haa haa..Rina here”
Lava, thanks for being my best friend and will always remember you.
Guys, I am sorry for the things that I’ve done wrong. Please let me know if you guys cannot forgive me.
We will see again.
With love,

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