Monday, November 1, 2010

Adorable and Nice Wedding Dress

Alhamdulillah, even pergolakan perasaan berlaku 2-3 hari ni, tetap memujuk hati. Gulp...Ahh, nothing hurts.

30 oct 2010, we both together with my best fren, Gie the doc went to Rins Suzana, Wedding Boutique. Actually I did not set any appointment to come over.

Service was superb. Explaination after explaination, it was really satisfy me. Since my wedding will not be held in KL, so I just decided to have nice dress from Rins.

Hahaha, from White+Turqoise theme, totally change to White+Purple. But still nice just because the dress was very very "grand". Saya sangat suka. Even dah balik rumah, still senyum sorang2 tengok gambar masa pakai that dress. Dah lama nak pakai dress macam tu, ade veil panjang mengurai, ala2 puteri raja =)

Price, dun mention. For me I will go for quality of service and what makes me happy the MOST.

Macam nila rupe dress tu dari belakang. Hehe.


  1. hehehe, thanks naqi. Can't wait to wear it on my BIG day!