Sunday, November 7, 2010

Money is short. Times are hard.

Hmmm, i am counting days! Alhamdulillah, planning to have simple but meaningful wedding just beside swimming pool almost archieved. To wear wonderful dress with white colour, now it's booked. Fresh flowers for walk way, i hope my wedding planner will do their BEST for that too.

Yesterday, tried to find tailor for my arabic theme still not ended yet. Most of the tailor i've visited yesterday offered very expensive price! =( Why so expensive?

Found this from 1 of the blog:

I want this theme! Owh, will my dress become this grand? lolx~

Actually, i madly badly crazily want to own I phone 4 now. Hehe. But since I need to focus for my wedding preparation first. Will get this phone soon ;)

My future asset-to-be

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