Monday, January 16, 2012

Our Weekend!

Yea, yea, I know...Recently I more on telling about myself and Sofea. No worries! My beauty update will come so soon, since I'm now can enjoy my DIY manjakani juice and all. Some may ask me about how I prepare it and how to get the manjakani itself. I will prepare the special post together with photos later.

For now, Sofea, Solah and I still... hehe...

I brought Sofea to my office just to sign off my appraisal form :)

Then, I bought Sofea a baby bath seat. Sofea is gaining weight so fast! As new mommy... to handle her during her bath time in the tub of course will be more difficult. I've hurt my wrist :(

The idea came after I was searching in google for any bath seat, then it came to this pic.

Lucky, Sofea like it! Thanks my little baby :)

On Saturday nite, actually we went to my fren wedding at Dewan Seri Endon, Putrajaya.
I like the door gift so much :-)

On Sunday morning, my sister came to visit Sofea. And see what she bought for Sofea! Thanks Auntie Memey.

For sure, our weekend was fully occupied as on Sunday evening, we actually met Sofea's babysitter for 3rd time. Hehe. With this, I'll start to send Sofea there tomorrow. Be a good girl yea dear. Mommy will start working on Wednesday.

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