Friday, November 16, 2012

Alhamdulillah, selamat!

These few days, I pergi keje tumpang Solah. Kereta rosak. Dugaanlah, kan? Saje nak manja2 dengan poket yang kering ni.

So, my daily routine start as early as 5.30 am (Don't question me what time I woke up if kereta tak rosak! Haha).

Solah masuk keje awal, 7.30am ok! Dan I masuk keje pukul 9am. Tapi dah terpaksalah pergi awal, nama pon menumpang ;-)

So, by 6.30am, I will wake Sofea up and off to Sofea playschool. Jalan pon tak berapa nak nampak lagi. Sobs. Pity Sofea. Sofea will be at her school by 6.45am.

Then, off we go to work. I will reach office by 7am.

Today, was not a good day but as the title goes, Alhamdulillah, selamat. We nearly involved in an accident.

Sofea cried when I handover her to her teacher not as usual, she seems happy with no crying. Berat hati mommy tapi dah nak cepat, takut daddy lewat, so I keluar je pagar :( Maybe, Sofea dah bagi sign kat I, to be careful.

Waktu tukar lorong before reaching my office, I pusing je belakang, gah! Lorry! Another few inches to bang us. Huh! The driver did his emergency break. Lucky.

Then, dah mommy reached office so early, I had my breakfast. Tapi tapi that Ordinary Nasi Lemak turn to Nasi Lemak Pedas Berapi! What a bad day.

Anyway, since it's Friday, I should feel glad of it.

Looking forward to kiss my baby boo later in the evening!

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