Saturday, November 24, 2012

Super Mommy!

Happy Weekend!

I'm fasting today (Hari Asyura')...

As usual, I will do all the laundry, cleaning, cooking and whatever ---ing which housewife usually do everyday on weekend! Just because I'm a working lady.

To be honest, I always get jealous everytime I read this :(

I feel a bit upset, just because I think even I'm not a housewife but I contribute more than what housewife do. In terms of monetary to help my husband :) *Insert some jealousy*

Ok, I'm done.

Whatever it is, if you are a mommy, no matter you are mommy of 1, 2, 3...or even 20! I want to say out loud that we are GREAT!

I came across all these photos via Pa&Ma. Have you ever facing all these scenarios?
It may look simple & sometimes funny, but hey, this is all mommy business okay!

For whatever reason, mommy is the one to look for :) I feel so honoured. This is the real AWESOME.

As I do all the things, sometimes I totally forget to have me-time as well.

The BIGGEST challenge ever to become a mommy is giving birth. I'm glad I managed it well for my first time. It was so wonderful how I treasured the moment.

After all, I still feel so grateful that Allah loves woman so much. We never be alone. He always put us in good hands.

Thanks Allah for grant all my doa much more than I asked for. My dream is to have a man who can understand me without uttering any single word and you made him for me. Alhamdulillah.
Much LOVE!


  1. i feel you kak, in this entry..nice one! i always thought of myself as a lousy housewife, but now i feel good...haha

  2. Yes dear, i wish to be a full time housewife too. But our family income is not stable yet and we have to helping each other. Remember, we are great too! Can do office work and at the same time being a housewife. My husband dunno how to cook, dunno how to do laundry, dunno how to clean the house. Such a pampered husband. Hihihiii. InsyaAllah Allah knows what is the best for us. ;-)