Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cabaran Mommy

Woah! How long has it been since my last entry?

I'm not well, still praying for the best for now. I got low blood pressure and has been hospitalized for 4 days since 29 March.
Thanks to P1 and Boustead for your tought-by sending me the flower basket. I'll be getting well soon :D

My first attempt went out for lunch after discharged, I fainted while waiting for my food, now my knee swollen due to this incident.

Up until now, I'm still having dizziness dramatically. Sometimes, I can't stand with it :(

I'm eternally grateful that Solah is super understanding and supports me during my hard time. He gave me courage to be strong. Let me tell you, how good he is...
  • Wash all clothes for 10 days already [I can't even stand even for 5 minutes to put all clothes into the washing machine, too bad...]
  • Wash all the dishes
  • Buy me foods and drive me to wherever my desire place is, since I am very choosy with food nowadays
  • Iron his office attire on his own
To the love of my life, Solah, this is REMARKABLE!

It has been TWO (2) MONTHS since "Aku terima nikah Norseila Binti Nawi..." was proclaimed by my Solah. I wouldn't say our marriage has been as perfect as a fairy tale. Any healthy marriage would have their ups and downs and we learn to get through it. Syukur Alhamdulillah.

On a brighter note, I thank my mum as well, she calls me every single day and you know elder people, they will have more "DO and DON'T". hehehe.