Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mommy Starts Craving

I SMS Solah semalam, "Rase cam nak makan choc cake".

Tetiba je kan...

Then balik keje, see what I got !

Mama Sofea???Sape tu??? Inilah Sofea. Cute gile kan? hehehe.


  1. hmm... kenapa letak gambar tak pakai tudung?

  2. Adoi, da kene tegur, sowy2. ok, saya crop sket, hehehe. TQ2.

  3. so glad you took the comment in a nice way.. its just that i enjoy reading your blog and looking at your pics (i'm not a guy, dont worry about me being a stalker)..
    ok take care and stay sweet (you really are)..