Sunday, May 1, 2011

Evolution Nite 2011 Ended :)

So happening. The moment everyone should enjoy =)
Our table, no 16 ;-)

Some of the performance during the event...

Our CEO in robotic costume! He really evolve that nite!

 Lets costume(+_+). For me, sume pon hebat2 belaka! ME wearing Renaissance Princess. I rented the costume from Costumes 'N' Parties Sdn Bhd, The Weld, Jalan Raja Chulan.

The GRAND prize for lucky draw that nite was RM10,000 CASH! Even, I was not the one who was the luckiest person that nite, at least...
And u know what! The last hamper prize for lucky draw from Famous Amos was mine! hahaha. Better than went home with empty hand :)

 Thanks P1 & GP.

Owh yea, Fast & Furious 5, I would say the best movie ever! hehe. Tengok jangan tak tengok!!! ALL MUST SEE ;-)

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  1. aaa jelesss... ni la kelebihan keje private de party2 cam nih dinner... kalo gomen mmg mimpi di senja hari la dear... abis2 dinner pakai baju batik... huh!!! *sigh*