Friday, May 6, 2011

Mom, I Love U !

I planned to buy something special for my mum to celebrate Mother's Day this year. You know what, she demand to have Christian Dior Parfum this year. Hahaha! Since I only will be going back to see her in early June, so I planned to courier the present to her, without her knowing I will do so!
 I think this is the one she mentioned

Now, seems like I need to change my mind. Just received a call from her, we was talking over the phone for almost 20 minutes (not the longest duration I think, since we usually had our chit-chat for even more than an hour when we really have topics to discuss on, hahaha).

I wish I were there now, flying without bothering anything just to be besides her. Her voice was not like usual as she called me. When I asked her, then only she started to tell me that she's not well. She said today she had bad pain from her jaw up until the ears. What makes me worry, she said she had this since last 2-3 days but the pain was not that bad. She can't even talk properly over the phone. I asked her to see the doctor, but she said she will be BETTER.

Sigh! How I wish to be with her now. I know, the only reason why she don't want to see the doctor is just because no one at home to accompany her. Owh, mommy, come on!

Now, I start counting the days and looking into the calendar the select the date where I can have long leave to go back to my hometown.

To my mum, Happy Mother's Day! U're the BEST mum ever. I LOVE U.

Thank you for being a wonderful and great one:)

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