Friday, January 28, 2011

Believe It or Not...

I am still in the office. Too many reports need to be done before I go for my marriage leave. I am tired doing this!

I came to office this morning at 7.30am when no one in the office and now, I am still in the office while other collegues maybe having dinner and spending quality time with family. Believe it or not...

Haluu, anybody can help me. I have no hand to finish these all! Arghhh!!

Now, aircond has been switched off ;) Time to go back, but I still left 2 reports to prepare to my boss, this is actually my routine every end of the month. Sob sob sob.

I need to come back to office on Sunday to finish those.

Strive for excellent... I want to be businesswoman at 1 time very soon, this is what I want since I was 12. But after all, I still will persue my career with P1.

Hope everything will get better.

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