Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Unease Feeling

I hate this feeling ;(

Feel so unease today!

Maybe coz I am thinking about my preparation too much.

To be honest, I never feel this way before.

Ya Allah, please help me.


  1. take a breath then mengucap banyak2... InsyAllah everything will going smooth... Me too will pray for u... =)

    anyway me akan ditinggalkan untuk 4 hari bagi menyempurnakan ur wedding day... uwaaa!!! tolong take care of my Mr. Hubby eh... ;-)

  2. Thank you so much for ur pray dear! Hope all will go smooth.

    Maybe cos i PMS, sakit perut dari pagi, so jadi susah hati. Hish...

    No worries, dear, I akan take care ur hubby, hehe, flite ticket and hotel da book siap2-dekat je dari rumah i ;)

  3. Law of Attraction k! Jgn difikir sgt, buang jaoh2. Love u dear!

  4. 16 Days To Go.
    EQUAL TO :
    Weekend 4 Days.
    Working Days : Mine 9 Days Left.
    Working Days : Yours 8 Days Left.

  5. yup2, lagi 16 hari. uwaaaa!!! @_@

  6. aaa jangan kasi dier nakal-nakal taw... sedey tol tak dapat folo =(