Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hate This Critical Time

I woke up this morning and think what is the day today, I took my handphone and checked on the calendar, owh it is Wednesday! Ouch...

This Friday is my last working day before my marriage leave. So many things to do in office, and not talking about my wedding preparation.

Yesterday meeting was awesome. Not the talk but the food (^_^), good job Le Meridien. I ate so much like no day for tomorrow. LoL.

Sekitar Le Meridian, actually I nak snap my own pic but nampak macam jakun plak! hehe.

Today, I need to settle all pending tasks ( I need to do OT but I also have other final things to settle at home), preparing what to have for my team meeting tomorrow, what to assign to my staff during my absence. Really hate this, seriously! So tiring!

Tomorrow morning, I will attend to QTM (Quarterly Team Meeting) at Bangunan Peladang, Old Klang Road until 2.30pm. Then, continue working before my own unit meeting at 4.30pm. Time is so critical but to get things done and manageable, I need to be smart enough.

I am full on Thursday! The more I hate the meeting, the more I need to conduct and attend meeting. Sh**.

Papepon, inilah kerja saya kat rumah after work, cantik tak I punye wedding tag? Paperbag tu actually for door gift=)

Close Up sket...


  1. wah tinggal 8 hari je lagi..rasa sekejap je masa berlalu. selamat pengantin baru seila & hubby ;)

    door gift tu cantik! I like..

  2. nnt i nak 1 tau door gift... eheheee ;-) insyaAllah will post the wedding gift to fizzyilham for u...;-)

  3. shikin: thanks a lot, time is running out. dtgla wedding i, kat Terengganu.

    Imran: Carik calon cepat2. hehe =)

    Beauty: no worries, i akan kirim kat fizzy special gift tuk u, okay! thank u so much *hugs*