Friday, January 21, 2011

Surprise Dinner

Lolx... Erm, kalo refer schedule saya kat post saya before this on 2 Jan 2011, saya plan tuk suprise dinner malam ni since today is my off day.

Tapi maybe "my husband-to-be "did not notice the tight schedule, haha!

Nah tuk u tgk lagi sekali, ape yang u dah miss out!

So, tonight, he said he is going for futsal. Meeting friends etc, and for sure sampai 1-2 pagi. Wah, my heart is breaking ;( Sabar jela...

I tau u akan baca post i later, so I want u to know, I'm hurt =(

But it's okay, enjoy ur time with friends, as I always promise, I will not distract any of your interest even after married :D

I tak mau merajuk ngan u, okay!

Whenever u read my blog, I want u to listen to this, the whole nite tonite, I am listening to this tuk pujuk hati i...

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