Thursday, October 20, 2011

Going to China

I'll be going back to my hometown this weekend. Until then, I will take a long leave...waiting for my delivery.

Even it's still a long way to go before my EDD on 20.11.2011 but due to this severe minor contraction that I'm having, it's better for me to rest and prepare myself mentally.

On working demand, Solah is going to Guangzhou, China next week for 4 days. Can't insist not to go either. His company completely prepared the visa and the flight ticket booked earlier.

To be honest, I'm super duper worry if I'm going to give birth without Solah beside me-to support me during that toughest time. I can't imagine myself :(

Anyway, still praying for the BEST. Perhaps, Solah will be safe abroad and enjoy the journey.

"Hey my little baby, come out earlier before daddy leave OR only after daddy comes back from China yea. Hehe. Mommy bet, daddy will buy something for u all the way from China. How mommy wish to see u not earlier than the EDD. Be healthy. Love u always!"

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