Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mommy's Talk

I keep thinking about this since morning. I can't stop myself to post it here then (coz actually, I don't really prefer to always share about my pregnancy, notice that I wrote about my pregnancy daily few days back)

BUT, still it so happens...

I reached office in the very early morning today. So to kill the time, I had my mommy's talk during breakfast with 1 of my officemate, she's a mother for 10 months year old boy :P

Mate: How's ur pregnancy so far? I wanted to ask so many times before but can't catch the time...
Me: Owh, so far so good. But now I'm not having a good night's sleep.

Mate: Same goes with what I experienced before. But u better sleep at left side position so that baby can get enough oxygen during ur sleeping time. This is based on what gynae adviced me on my last pregnancy.
Me: Really? No wonder! 
(my baby will do little tai chi when I try to sleep on right side position)

Mate: Have u planned where to deliver? How about ur preparation?
Me: I might deliver at any nearest hospital to my hometown since this is our first time, I'm not well prepared for what to do after giving birth. Perhaps, not earlier than expected. Otherwise, nearby hospital here will be the other option.

Mate: U better take ur maternity leave earlier since I was delivered my baby 5 days earlier before the EDD. It was really shocked and panic when I started to feel the contraction. My hubby drove me to the hospital and he was quite blur at that time, lucky both parents were there too. Even we booked the bed earlier, we still coudn't control the feeling, we were so nervous!
Me: Now, I'm contemplating. Coz, I only plan to take leave on 18 Nov onwards since my EDD is on 20 Nov.

Mate: Hah? U better don't. Earlier would be better. U really need someone who know to handle fragile self.
Me: Urm, will discuss further with Solah (***Solah actually warned me before to take leave 1 week earlier! Ngee)

Mate: Must do! haha. So, how about ur preparation on buying baby's stuff?
Me: I've completed our baby shopping last week. Now, decorating the room (Smiling)...

Mate: Wah, so good. I miss those days and feelings too.
Me: It's amazing! Beyond my explanation. I can't wait for weekend, since we only have more time to decorate the room.

Mate: Lucky u.
Me: Thanks, but need to prepare advance gift for ur little boy, I will not be there to celebrate his birthday. 
(***Start thinking what to buy for that little toddler-to-be)

While walking to our workstation after our early breakfast...
Mate:  How about ur weight now?
Me: Just reached 56.5kg last week. 

Mate: On my last day before delivery, my weight reached 65kg. U'll gain more weight by this week.
Me: Wow! But u manage to get back in shape! Huh, perhaps me too. (Very suprised to hear that-previously before getting married, she was at 40kg-45kg)!

Mate: U need to really take a good old people advice during confinement. (Smiling)
Me: Hmmm...(***Speechless, thinking while smiling).

End up our mommy's talk..
Both of us continue our daily routine...

What are in my mind then???

-Plan for my EARLY maternity leave-if I'm about to deliver earlier, so sad our parents will not be there, better get those prepared
-Which hospital to go to (Dungun/KT) plus option, book the bed
-Prepare a birthday gift to little boy
-Complete necessary report for handover to my staff during my leave

I'm forcasting myself to be very busy in the office by now :(
Will attend 1 meeting tomorrow at Cyberjaya. Need to drive there with my huge belly.
Really can't wait for weekend! Rest and deco time! Will share my DIY projects as well soon.

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