Monday, October 3, 2011

Little One

This is my baby's position for this week.
I'm easily get hungry. Compared to before, I never able to finish such big amount of meals but now, all changed. Hehehe.

Last weekend was so-called "fast food" day some more! I didn't cook since we were busy with baby shopping day.

Both of us finish those ok!

Perhaps, I'm not having sudden weight gain. From my reading, this sudden weight gain causes high blood pressure and protein in the urine.

It's only 2 months away from my due date and at times I can feel the strain at my lower abdomen from carrying this bundle of joy.

Every time I sit, it's as if I have a BIG ball on my lap.

Every night when I'm just about to doze off, the little one does Tai Chi.

My baby is moving around like nobody's business. Enjoying your swim in there I suppose :)

I'm sure gonna miss all that, once my baby makes the debut.

Hey my little baby, see what mommy and daddy bought for you =)
Pity daddy, assemble the cod alone. Mommy was extra exhausted and went to bed earlier right after snap this photo.

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