Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mail From Mommy :D

My Dear Baby,

Mommy knows that you're happily playing inside my belly. The first contraction really make both of us worry so much.

There's still no sign of labor even mommy can't sleep well last nite. Mommy getting more and more restless and uncomfortable.

Mommy decided to take early leave and going back to hometown as soon as possible without having to go back and forth to the hospital here. Pity daddy need to rush here and there. He need to work without worrying about both of us too.

Well, you haven't seen what mommy and daddy have prepared for you out here :)

Enjoy the taste of chocolate and ice cream while you can because it will be many, many months before you're able to taste them for real.

You know what, mommy remember at one time, daddy went for Friday prayer, when he came back, he bought mommy a magnum ice cream. Mommy was so surprised as daddy put the ice cream inside his shirt. Hehe! Romantic rite?

It's ur daddy:)

He even bought us more after that and mommy managed to finish 2 magnum ice cream alone one shot!

 Mommy thinks we both enjoy the choco taste dearly, rite?
The excitement of finally meeting you surpasses everything else. I wonder how you look like. Do you have more of mommy or daddy's features?

In the mean time, mommy and daddy are busy preparing to welcome you to the world. Mommy and daddy have been on stand by since yesterday.

Mommy and daddy are excited and really looking forward to hold you in our arms. Be nice to mommy yea.



  1. sweet lah kak siela nie *:) sgt suka baca entry yg nie *;))

  2. Nothing much my dear. I just want to ease my feeling towards my first contraction, sbb tu i tulis post ni. hehe. Dun get jeles yea. hihi.