Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My First Movie :)

For almost 8 months of my life (actually 1 day before I turn 8 months old :P), I never been to cinema!

But mommy did it for me yesterday night. See, how mommy dress me up :D

We had our exclusive screening FREE tickets for Batman-The Dark Knight Rises. Weehoo ;-) 

I am always in a good mood whenever I go out with mommy & daddy, do I? As I was comfortably in the stroller, I love to rocking both my legs with such joy. Hehe. But I usually protest if I am made to wait and stay stationary for a while. I'm fussy of waiting :P

Then, what was happened last night. After 1 hour watching the movie, I got bored & pleased mommy to went out!

Lucky mommy did understand my request, we went out from the cinema but waited for daddy outside. I got chance to play my "Aumm, cakkk" with mommy. Hehe.

It was the first step to the ultimate experience! But I only managed for 1 hour stand.

BUT still a lot of fun :) More please! I will stay longer...Xixixi...

~Daddy was SO HAPPY, "Must see movie-Daddy"~

Bye bye,

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