Monday, July 16, 2012

Sofea's Corner :P

No matter where you are living, there are things you can do to make your space functional and beautiful!

Trust me, I just manage to unpack all my stuff just recently :P

I am now in the midst of decorating a playroom for Sofea. I want to convert the staircase nook (which collecting dust) to Sofea's playroom.

Hey Sofea, you will love mommy more if mommy can prepare something like this rite? :D


I adore some of the decorations with pastel & colourful theme.

To make my dream come true, I am collecting few items, e.g.: soft toys, balls, cute table & chairs, books, storage, frames, wall stickers etc.

Recently, I bought this! Cute right?

Sofea loves soft toys, daddy bought one for her also during our visit to Perak last week :) Its Pink Panther!

Imagine, the soft toys collection can become this much!

My current TO-DO List;
1) DIY Name
2) Flag Banner/Garland
3) Frame Arrangement
4) Lighting
5) Easel & Whiteboard-magnetic letters
6) Bookshelf & storage
7) Paper Lantern

As of now, Sofea doesn't have her own room as we shared the roomy master bedroom. I wish to have one for her later...

I will share the outcome soon!

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