Monday, July 9, 2012


Happy Monday :P

Let me bring good items on the show to reduce my "Monday Blues" symptom (Yawn!)

I don't remember if I mentioned about me wanting an i-pad very badly. Well anyways, the wait is over and I've got one in my hands right now! Woohoo! I'm so happy :) 

I bought this too:)

To manage my money well, this year, I've prepared a wishlist, ngeee~

My next aim will be this! Babai Nikon. Weehoo...

Coz I want to be the only designer to decorate my house, so I think I need this too. LoL.

And since I have so many jewelleries & I keep it in a box, it looks so messy. So I think, I will get this organizer!

What else? Of course I have so many items to buy, for now, aim for the other 3 items!


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