Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Maal Hijrah 1432 -Courage: The More U do, The More U Get Rewarded

Alhamdulillah, I am very grateful with what I do have now, my archievement in P1 really makes me satisfy.

My career at first rewarded by the title "Service Excellent Recognition"

Really surprise to receive this, plus my boss, Kingston who stand behind KSOL CEO, surprised me, he dun even mention we will have this event.

I got this letter at the second stage, "Salary Increment and Promotion" for me to still continuing my journey at P1

Salary is the most confidential, so I leave it blank, my work hard already paid off.

Plus, my company reward me with "Green Packet (GP) Berhad Employees' Share Option Scheme". The Options will entitle me to subscribe for XXXX new ordinary shares in GP.

Thanks P1/GP, I will always and continuously give my BEST for company.

I really admire my Vice President/HOD Miss Ahereen Lee, she is now own a 5 Series BMW;) Who said a woman cannot do? It depends on how we start our first step to succeed and move on! Do more than others, looking forward and archive the goals. As my CEO, Mr Micheal always says, "When u win, nothing hurts". I really and totally agree!

I may look soft spoken and polite at one side, but I do have leader skill. I know myself. Yup, I do realise this came from my father. He is very strict person, who I am now. I will always trying to do my BEST in anything I do. I like competition. I like to challenge myself. Make impossible things possible.

I have also attended few trainings organized by P1. The most meaningful are CCAM in Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre and Supervisory Coaching training-How to Manage Staff Performance at P1 by Fabian Fidelis, impressive training! Teaching me to be a better person ;) Let those pictures tell u the story...

In another 59 days, I will become a wife and maybe in 1 year time, I will become a mother. I want to maintain as a career woman with attitude. I make mistakes once, but that doesn't mean this will stop me to live forever. I wish to become a better and even the BEST woman to my family, husband and children.

Today as new year starts, I will prepare myself to give the BEST recognition to myself to make other people remember me until their last breath. Friends and whoever know me, I am just a human who never stop making mistakes, please apologize me for any wrong words/attitude I was one before. In life, there are no mistakes, only lessons...but if we do not learn from the lessons then it is a mistake.
Life is full of serendipitous and suprising detours. Not all of them easily accepted at the moment. Life taking sudden turns. Usually i'm minding myown business and quite suddenly, I encounter the unexpected. These things happen in my lives everyday and I have the choice to either embrace my experience with a sense of trust or spend my energies fighting the inevitable. Thank you.

Salam Maal Hijrah 1432.

Thank you.

Yours Faithfully,
Norseila Binti Nawi.

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