Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Facial Treatment at Golden Horse Cosmetics -6 Dec 2010

I want to look stunning in front of the camera and during my wedding reception. 60 days more to go. OMG, 2 months? Time is running so fast, faster than I expected. Mentally, I am well prepared for my wedding and new life journey, but in terms of financial, not at all ;( I wish I could have millions of $$$$$$$ to settle those thingy! Sob sob sob.

Back to the topic, my first 2 month facial treatment at Golden Horse Cosmetics, yes I have used this product since 18. This product is not commercially known by all Malaysian not like SKII. But it really worth. Price is reasonable and worth with the result. Every woman wish they will have smooth and clear skin without pimples, black/whitehead or freckles. Instead of drink warm clear water, healthy food/fruits, I believe in what product does u apply for your skin as well. This is not mentioning about stress and sleep hours. U deserve yourselves ;p Coping problems and managing ur time is all yours.

Since Golden Horse is not commercially known, so really hard to find this product in saloon. Plus, really worry if u buy not an original product. Proper checking please~~~

My facial treatment took me 1 hour. Off to Plaza Shah Alam after working hour, just to spend sometime to pamper my skin. I chose deep clean treatment for only Rm65. U can see the result immediately. No blackhead and ur skin tone even brighter :D

I bought those product as my daily use. Revital is suitable since my skin is dry combination.

For easy reference, the list of prices and types of treatment offerred by Golden Horse Cosmetics in Plaza Shah Alam ;)

My new look after deep clean facial treatment, sori xsempat ambik gambar before sebab dah excited sgt nak buat facial. Ahaks~


  1. pls share senarai produk golden horse yg saudari guna...kulit saudari nampak sihat dan glowing..golden horse ni nampak byk produk, i baru nak try..kalau siang hari, saudari pakai tak bio complex cream..malam pakai krim golden horse?

    Thank you

  2. Hi, saya dah reply ur question, http://norseila.blogspot.com/2011/05/golden-horse-cosmetics.html

  3. terima kasih kerana sudi berkongsi rahsia kecantikan kulit saudari..blog u pun byk info berguna!!

  4. nak tnya mngenai produk ni..skrang u stll pkai lg ker???yg mn satu,,sy br nak stat..plez teach me!!

  5. Hi! Saya still pakai. Search "Golden Horse Cosmetics" kat search icon. Saya dah ade entry untuk produk yg saya gune :)

  6. Salam,boleh saya tingkat berapa facial golden horse 2..skrg ni,still ada lg ke..TQ.

  7. Hi , Like Golden Horse Cosmetics Fan Page for more detail about the product and service . Thanks !

    www.facebook.com/goldenhorsecosmetics :)