Tuesday, September 25, 2012

10 Months!

I might not be around here so often due to my tight schedule. Occupied with workloads & manage to spend few hours with Sofea at home before she's off to doze. Pity busy mommy :(

Recently, I spent 12 hours in the office and only manage to be at home by 10pm. When I reached home, Sofea already fall asleep. Who said life is easy? But it is worth living for, right? Sometimes, I still feel lucky compared to the oncall doctors who need to spend 24 hours in the hospital. Think positive sometimes baby ;-)

Sofea reached 10 months last week! See, mommy delay to update on this as well!

It has been a super hectic week last week as Sofea was down with fever. This is the third time Sofea had fever. I was in the office on Friday when I received SMS from Sofea's babysitter. "Please call me back". Mommy dah fikir bukan-bukan. Dah call, apply half day EL & terus balik!

Over the weekend, she was not as active as she is. Baring je...

Then, we did some shopping on Sunday cause I think maybe Sofea need more nutritious food. Alasan mommy je tu :)

Yeay! Finally, Sofea dah ada toothbrush jugak! She don't have any teeth yet. But I want to train her early, tommee tippee did a very good job, complete set of toothbrush for baby to toddler.

And on Monday, Sofea detected to have rubeola! Mommy panic! Sambung cuti to take care of Sofea until Tuesday. Then bila masuk office, kerja tinggi gunung!

You know what Sofea loves the most during her fever?

Tido buai...

And...tido tertonggek kat katil mommy. Ngeee~

Alhamdulillah, she recovered pretty fast & eat a lot! Mommy masak okay =) Comot pon comot lah, janji Sofea sihat.

So far, mommy dah expert to handle Sofea during her fever. Keep sponging & monitor the temperature. Hey, mommy is not only a chef now, but a doctor too ;-)

Extraordinary Me!

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