Sunday, September 9, 2012

Baby Thingy: Baby Bites!

Happy Sunday!

Ooops, the topic might be misunderstood by some people. Hehe.

No, Sofea not yet to have any gigi. Hehehe. So, mommy still safe.

This is refer to Sofea new favourite baby biscuits. I bought it from Speedmart.

It is Heinz product called "Biscotti". There are 2 flavours, Chocolate & Apple. This is what I found in the Speedmart, they might have other flavours as well.

Have it a try for your baby. It has a gently crunch which softens in little mouths. So, it's safe for baby who don't have any gigi like Sofea.

Usually, I will give Sofea the biscotti followed by Heinz juice. Tasty!

Here's Sofea enjoying her biscotti!

I'm glad Sofea enjoy all the food provided to her. Chubby girl!

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